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No description

Diego Alfaro

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Cydia

Cydia logo
Jay Freeman Created Cydia.

Who created this social network?

you can customize your passwords
What is the main purpose of this social network?
1.-Did you know that Cydia operates with IOS 8 and 7?
2.- It is not illegal to use it.
3.- Cydia is another choice of an appstore it just more variety of apps and stuff.
4.- In August 2009 there were 40 million people reported to have installed Cydia in their devices.
5.-Did you know Cydia provides a graphical interference of jailbroken users using Advanced Packaging Tools.


Well, this network has 23 Million people globally over and more people are joining.

How many users does this social network have?

By: Maia Robles, Diego Alfaro, Ana Luiza Vazquez, Jason Henry
How can you be part of this social network? Describe how to be a member of it.

Advantages and disadvantages
Through Cydia you can get most apps for free.
you can move your apps all around sideways, upside down, and you can get records that are not so easy to get.
If your apple product breaks you can go to the Apple store and they will fix it.



Cydia is like the Appstore, but the only difference is that you can have more applications such as: games, change the look of your phone, cooler apps and more.

To be a member of Cydia there are a few steps.

open the app store on your i-pad or a mobile device.
Go to a page called openappktm.com
Open app in the desktop and open it.
Go to the bottom of the page and go to top apps.
Download cydia and you have it.

How is Cydia a social network ?
It is a social network because you can link your other social network accounts with Cydia and chat online with friends or family.Althought you can do this it doesn't mean you have a social network adds will only pop up and tell you what to buy with Cydia. An appstore is not a social network.
To stop someone from cyber-stalking or cyber-bullying you, you can set your profile as a private profile.
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