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Copy of CSP Cost Analysis

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Ali AlMarzouq

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of CSP Cost Analysis

CSP Technologies
Different Measures Of Cost
Levelised Cost of Energy "LCOE"
Cost of CSP
Current Cost of CSP
Technology vs. Cost
CSP vs. Other Renewables
CSP Cost Reduction Potentials

Cost can be measured in a number of different ways, and each way of accounting for the cost of power generation brings its own insights. The costs that can be examined include :
Equipment Costs (solar reflectors, Absorbers, Towers).
Financing Costs.
Total Installed Cost.
Fixed And Variable Operating And Maintenance Costs (O&M).
The Levelised Cost Of Energy (LCOE).

Different Measures Of Cost
Renewable energy technologies can help countries meet their policy goals for secure, reliable and affordable energy to expand electricity access and promote development.
Having reliable information on the relative costs and benefits of renewable energy technologies is essential to arrive an accurate assessment for these technologies.

Parabolic Trough Collector (PTC). (most common).
Solar Tower.
Linear Fresnel Collector.
Strilling Dish.

CSP Technologies
CSP Cost Analysis
Levelised Cost of Energy
It is a calculation of the cost of generated electricity at the point of connection to a load or electricity grid in (amount of money/KWh).

The LCOE of renewable energy technologies varies by technology, country and project based on the renewable energy resource, capital and operating costs, and the efficiency / performance of the technology.

Levelised Cost of Energy
Levelised Cost Of Energy (LCOE)
Current Cost of CSP
Costs of CSP plants can be grouped into three distinct categories:
Investment costs
Operation and maintenance costs (O&M)
Financing costs

Adding a storage system can directly affect the cost and the LCOE of CSP project

Current Cost of CSP
Capital cost

Solar field is the largest cost component and accounts for between 35% and 49% of the total installed costs of the projects evaluated

The share of the thermal energy storage system varies from as low as 9% for a plant with 4.5 hours storage, to 20% for a plant with 13.4 hours storage

Parabolic Trough & Solar Tower
Operation and Maintenance Cost O&M
Operating costs of CSP plants are low compared to fossil fuel-fired power plants, but are still significant.
The replacement of receivers and mirrors, due to glass breakage, are a significant component of the O&M costs.
The cost of mirror washing, including water costs, is also
Plant insurance is also an important expense and the annual cost for this can be between 0.5% to 1% of the initial capital cost.
Current Cost of CSP
Current investment costs for PTC plants without storage in the OECD are between USD 4 700 and USD 7300/kW
(Hinkley, 2011; Turchi, 2010a and IRENA analysis)
CSP plants with thermal energy storage tend to have higher investment costs, but allow higher capacity factors
The cost of PTC and solar tower plants with thermal energy storage is generally between USD 6 400 and USD 10 700/kW
O&M costs for PTC and Solar Tower are around USD 0.02 - 0.03/kWh.
Levelised Cost of CSP
The estimated LCOE of PTC systems without storage ranges from around USD 0.19 - 0.38/kWh
For solar tower, LCOE range of between USD 0.20 - 0.29/kWh when associated with six to seven and a half hours of storage.
Andasol Solar power station : €0.27/KWh

An important consideration in the design of CSP plant is the amount of thermal energy storage and the size of the solar multiple.
Levelised Cost of CSP
Levelised Cost of CSP
Source: IRENA,2013
Source: IRENA,2013
Source: IRENA,2013
Source: IRENA,2013
Source: IRENA,2013
Ali AlMarzouq
CSP Cost Reduction
Solar Field: mass production and cheaper components,design improvement.
Heat Transfer Fluid: new heat transfer fluids and those capable of higher temperatures will help to improve storage possibilities and reduce costs.
Storage System.
Material Improvement: includes Mirrors, Absorbers, Insulators.
Balance of Costs: including project development costs.
Cost Reduction
CSP vs. Other Renewables
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