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Developing your employability skills

No description

Robin Crampton

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Developing your employability skills

"A set of skills, knowledge and personal attributes.... that will
make you more likely to secure
a chosen occupation..."
Communication & literacy
Team working
Problem solving & creativity
Business awareness
IT skills
What do employers want?
Out side College
Voluntary work?
Join a club?
Part-time work?
"How can I build or
develop my skills?"
Work experience?

Your Goal
Employability Skills
"Getting a degree is not enough" .... employers want more than someone
with a few letters after their name
Thinking Outside the Box
There are 3 switches outside a windowless room that are connected to three light bulbs inside the room.

How can you work out which switch is connected to which bulb if you can enter the room only once? (you cannot see the light under the door!)
In College?
Report writing; essays & assignments
Making a presentation?
Taking part in tutorials or discussions?
SUB activities?
“A degree is no longer
a meal ticket to your
future, but merely a licence to hunt"
"What skills do I have to offer an employer"?
...what skills could I
Developing your Employability
Hard working
Job Market

Thinking Outside the Box
Switch one light on for a minute and wait. Then turn it off.

Switch the second light on and go into the room.

The first light switch connects to the one that is warm, the second to the one that is on and the third to the one that is off!
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