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Lesson 2-4

No description

viola jensen

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Lesson 2-4

What does this expression mean when I designate 31 as the unit?
8 x 31
Lesson 2-4
What does this expression
mean when we designate
eight as the unit?
Which factor will be the unit?
49 x 20
Which is easier to work with: 49 twenties or 20 forty-nines?
Work with a partner to create an expression that can help you solve 20 x 51.
Then work independently to find:
101 x 12
12 x 98
Compare your answers with your partner.
Discuss Commutative Property and draw tape diagrams.
8 x 29
Jaxon earned $39 raking leaves. His brother, Dayawn, earned 7 times as much waiting on tables. Write a numerical expression to show Dayawn's earnings. How much money did Dayawn earn?
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