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Treasure Island vs. Treasure Planet

No description

Jordan Elkins

on 22 March 2016

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Transcript of Treasure Island vs. Treasure Planet

Treasure Island vs. Treasure Planet
Treasure Island
: Robert Louis Stevenson, 1883

Treasure Planet
: Ron Clements and John Muskar, 2002

Treasure Island
Story of Jim Hawkins and his adventures as a pirate in search of Flint's last treasure
Throughout the voyage, many are not what they seem and talk of mutiny becomes all to real.
It is revealed that the gang of mutineers is lead by Long John Silver to overthrow the captain and anyone who stands in his way all for the purpose of getting Flint's treasure
Fighting breaks out and many people are deeply injured or killed
In the end, Silver shows his true heart of good. Jim and company trick the remaining mutineers and have the treasure for themselves, Silver escapes and Jim is happy
Treasure Planet
Story of rebellious teenager, Jim Hawkins, after receiving a mysterious map orb from a dying traveler. Jim is in quest to retrieve Flint's treasure to repair his mothers burned down inn
A crew is assembled by a family friend and astrophysicist, Mr. Doppler.
Jim quickly befriends the ship's cook, John Silver. The two bond in a master and apprentice way, and almost like father son
The crew is faced with meteors, supernovas, and black holes that resulted in harsh trials for the crew
Not too much later and Jim catches word of mutiny, only to find out it's being lead by his good friend, John Silver
After mutiny begins, they crash on Treasure Planet and meet a Bio-Electric Navigator, or B.E.N., who takes them directly to Flint's treasure
In the end, with Treasure Planet about to explode, Silver chooses Jim over treasure. Jim saves the surviving crew by teleporting everyone off the planet.
Once the return home, Jim catches Silver making his escape. He gives Jim one last bit of encouragement and some money to rebuild his mothers inn before saying good-bye to Jim forever.
Jim Hawkins
Dr. Livesey
Long John Silver
Captain Smollett
John Trelawney
Jim Hawkins
Delbert Dopplar
John Silver
Captain Amelia
While both stories would seem vastly different at first glance, at the core they mostly share the same themes.
Father figures
Heart of gold
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