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Biblical Timeline

No description

veronica tea

on 14 September 2011

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Transcript of Biblical Timeline

1800BC 1800 BC: Abraham the father of the people of Israel leaves Ur for Canaan. 1600BC 1400BC 1200BC 1250 BC : Israelites leave the land of Egypt, the Exodus 1000BC 100 BC: Kingdom of David and Solomon. The first Temple is build. 800BC 587 BC:
Judah is destroyed; many are exiled to Babylon. 931 BC: Two kingdom:Israel in the north,Judah in the south. The northern kingdom falls to the Assyrian. 600BC 333 BC: Battle of Issus; Greeks defeat Persians. Period of Greek Dominance 400BC 538 BC: Rome extends power to Palestine
(Romans kicked out Greeks) 200BC Christ is born.
THE OLD TESTAMENT 538 BC: Persians defeat Babylonians, Exiles Begin to return home
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