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Edward Snowden Scandal

No description

alia almarri

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Edward Snowden Scandal

Edward Snowden Scandal

Utilitarian Theory
Hero or Traitor?
Who Is He?
American computer specialist
Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee
Former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor
Reinforce the Fourth Amendment

Allow whistleblowers to approach higher authorities without intimidation

Best interest in society and not power

What Did He Do?
Provided material to the media which leaked documents that the US has conducted widespread and illegal surveillance of its citizens and other nations.
June 6, 2013
From Hong Kong to Moscow

The man without a country
it was announced that he had been offered asylum in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

Snowden decided to stay in Russia with temporary asylum.
Current State
His request to the U.S. government for clemency was rejected.

The United States still wants Snowden to return home and face criminal charges for leaking NSA documents.
Edward Snowden escapes to Honk Kong

He reports to Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald

A top secret court order granting the government unlimited authority to obtain communications data

the NSA is collecting the telephone records of millions of Verizon customers

collecting data under a previously undisclosed surveillance programme called Prism.
Scandal Starts
Mr Snowden was charged with espionage and theft

Mr Snowden escapes to Moscow and requested asylum in Ecuador

He was stuck in transit in Moscow after the U.S. annulled his passport

100,000 people had signed an online petition asking Obama to pardon Snowden

A hero, dissident, traitor, whistle-blower, and a patriot.
The FBI labeled him as a traitor. They stated that they will hunt him down and prosecute him.

Hundreds protested in Hong kong that local authorities should protect Mr Snowden.

NSA Director Alexander tells the US House intelligence committee the surveillance programmes leaked by Mr Snowden helped thwart 50 attacks since 2001.

Emphasis on the relationship between duty and the morality of human actions.

He felt like it was his duty to take action against the NSA after witnessing what they were doing secretly to millions of people.

Applying Ethics
The belief that the action is right if it brings the greatest happiness to the greatest number of people.

Edward Snowden chose the greatest good by exposing secret information that he considered to be unethical behavior in order to protect society

Edward Snowden

Everyone has set of rights, and the government should protect those rights to keep society running
Anyone who has and reports insider knowledge of illegal activities occurring in an organization.
Rights/Entitlement Theory
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