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Resume Manager

Resume Manager, Developed by ITQAN for Smart Solutions @2013

Ahmed Fahmy

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Resume Manager

ITQAN for Smart Solutions (S.A.E.) is an end-to-end Information and Communication Technology company based in Alexandria, Egypt. ITQAN was recently established by a group of IT professionals with 15+ years of experience and a generation of talented IT geeks.

In order to gain the best of both worlds, ITQAN has carefully evolved a successful and powerful project execution methodology that depends on rich experiences of its staff members coupled with industry Best Practices and Top Edge technologies to ensure delivery of projects on-time, on-budget, and to customer satisfaction.
ITQAN Services & Products

ITQAN provides ready-made and tailored systems. Our services include ICT Consulting, providing Software as a Service (SaaS) based solutions, Networking Design & Implementation, Network Security Configuration, Training, Technical Support and Soft Skills Coaching.

ITQAN products vary from Windows-Based & Web-Based information systems to Smart Phone Applications, Website Development, and Web Hosting.

On the other hand, ITQAN provides Electronic Systems and Automatic Control Solutions including Smart Home management, Electronic Devices Design and Circuits implementation.

About 'Resume Manager'
Resume Manager is an application that resolves the burden on recruitment agencies and HR departments due to the large amount of resumes received every day. 

Resume Manager reads the files of resumes you store on your machine, understands it, classifies it, indexes it, summarizes important data and saves it into your data base, all together in one step, moreover, it saves a unique record for each job seeker with multiple resumes for ease of reference.
Resume Manager lets you parse all Resume files you currently have into a structured data base, whether it’s in word, excel, pdf or rtf format. Moreover, if the Resume you imported to the system is missing some information, Resume Manager lets you edit/add/update imported file data.

The Resume file itself is then saved within your local data base and associated with its owner data. Resume Manager allows you to upload a complete folder of Resumes in one step without a single data entry.
Importing Current Resumes

Resume Manager is configurable so that it listens to your Outlook inbox and periodically opens new emails, then it downloads attached Resumes and transforms date contained in whatever document formats into structured data, and saves it to your data base, all in one click.

Resume manager knows which mails were read and which were not.
Get Resumes From Email

Fast & Easy Searching

Resume Manager facilitates and expedites the process of searching for job seekers and candidates, it allows searching among millions of electronic resumes in a totally automated way. Searching is based on a single or multiple criteria. Dates and numbers are searched within a range you define.

Resume manager lets you zoom in your search among candidates resident in a certain city, holding specific certificates, have been working in a certain company, a specific gender, age …etc.
Managing Your Client’s Vacancies

Resume Manager lets you add your clients’ data, contact person and client’s email. It lets you add and update Client’s job vacancies, required skills and expertise and years of experience and identify proposed packages.

Resume Manager then suggests the best match for the criteria you defined and allows you to saves them in the job vacancy match pool.
Auto-Email Resumes to Clients

Resume Manager sends your suggested candidates to your clients using your predefined mail, and attaches the candidate’s resume file. It quotes your client’s job vacancy reference number and send the mail body text you predefined.

Resume Manager remembers candidates sent for each job vacancy, and reminds you not to send a resume once refused for the same job vacancy again, and marks job vacancies as closed, tracks the accepted candidate for each job vacancy and the package offered.
Contact us:
Tel/Fax: +2034241482
Mobile: +201098952101
E-Mail: info@it-qan.com
Address: Gehaz Markazy Bldg.,
Off Ismail Serry St.,
        Smouha, Alexandria

Thank you for your attention
For more inquires about Resume Manager, to schedule a live demo, or place a request for quotation.
Contact us:
Tel/Fax: +2034241482
Mobile: +201098952101
E-Mail: info@it-qan.com
Address: Gehaz Markazy Bldg.,
Off Ismail Serry St.,
        Smouha, Alexandria
Security & Administration
Resume Manager includes a module dedicated for system administration that allows you create system users, identify user name & password for each user, assign roles for your users on the system and grant each role the privileges and functionality he needs to perform his job on Resume Manager according to your policy.
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