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Origins of the Universe

Yr 10 astronomy unit

Inga de Vries

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Origins of the Universe

Origins of the Universe! Do some reading Activity time Teacher-directed Activity time Read pages: 230,231 & 233 Make a timeline of the
history of the Universe Big Bang Theory!
page 232-233 Complete Prac 7.2.2 on page 236 Read the handout about different theories See handout and pg 233 Evidence includes:
Doppler Effect
Cosmic microwave background radiation START HERE FINISH HERE

A moment-before time existed

There was a 'point'- a singularity

Massive energy burst- 'from where'??

The Universe started (15 million years ago) to expand at an incredible rate in a 'very short' amount of time. Time began here, as we know it.

Matter + Anti matter interacted in a fog of radiation

Quarks produced (particles that make up protons and neutrons)

Neutrons and protons were produced

Elements such as hydrogen started to form helium, lithium

More atoms formed

Thick fog of radiation cleared and light was able to travel through the universe for long distances

Hydrogen from clouds

Clouds collapsed with cooling

Galaxies, Stars, Planets

Fred Hoyle did not believe the universe came into existence at a specific time.
He believed that the universe always existed in the same form as it looks now and will forever be the same.
The Big Bang Theory-was it a bag like explosion – True of False? How the World Began (THEORY)
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