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Can music increase your running speed?

No description

Mariel Juwillie

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Can music increase your running speed?

Can music increase your running speed?
By: Mariel Juwillie
My science fair project is to determine if music would increase someone's running speed. The hypothesis was that if music was played, it will increase that person's running speed. The experiment's runners endured daily struggles of an average school day. These include walking up and down the halls, staying quiet during each class, and learning the whole day besides breaks, such as lunch and recess. The materials used for the experiment were an iPod/ iPhone, earplugs, a timer, sneakers, and a camera or device that takes photos. The independent variable was the playing of music and the dependent variable is speed. My controlled variables were the same location, the same brand of shoe used for the person,and the same quality of earplugs. The runners were told to find a space or if allowed, run around their neighborhood. Then, they were to get a device that plays music and insert the earplugs. After that, they were to play music while running around the space they found or the neighborhood once( without music) and record their time. Then, the runner repeated the steps with music and compared their times. Finally, the runners repeated the steps to ensure their answer was correct. The results were that the runner's time was affected and did increase by several seconds when music was placed. To summarize my science fair experiment, my hypothesis was indeed correct. Based on my experience, in the future I will use more diverse runners.
Running. You might cringe at that word because of your past experiences or you might smile and laugh because it brings back good memories. Running involves speed, time, and stamina. Have you ever heard of the Nike+Apple? That is where both companies have combined both their products, Nike shoes and Apple’s iPod. In my experiment, you will see if music can increase your running speed.
If music is played, I think that the person's speed will be increased.
My independent variable is the playing of the music. My dependent variable is speed. My controlled variable is the same location, the same brand of shoe for the person, and the same quality of earplugs.
1. iPhone, iPod, MP3 player,etc.
2. Earplugs
3. Timer
4. Sneakers (same brand for each runner
5. Camera/ device that takes photos
Step 1. Run around your neighborhood or a wide space once and time yourself
Step 2. Get a device that plays music and insert the earplugs
Step 3. Play music while running around the wide space or your neighborhood once and record your time.
Step 4. Compare your times and see if the second time ( the time with music) was faster than the time with music
Step 5. Repeat all the steps to ensure the original answer was correct.
The first runner ran without music, around the wide space which was about a half mile to a mile. Their time was 6 minutes and 37 seconds. When they ran with music, their time was 6 minutes and 09 seconds. The second runner's time without music was 7 minutes and 31 seconds. Their time with music was 7 minutes and 03 seconds. The third runner's time without music was 6 minutes and 53 seconds. The time they ran with music, their time was 6 minutes and 24 seconds. All three of the runners' times have noticeably decreased. The first runner's time was by 28 seconds and the second runner's time by 23 seconds. The third runner's time was by 29 seconds. Each runner received breaks between each test, so their body would be allowed time to rest. Also, each runner was granted the wish to pick their favorite style of music to listen to . Each runner also had about a 3 year age difference. Each time difference between the time with music and the time without music for each runner was relatively close. *Scientist's Note: The Results graph will be included on the display board.

My science fair question was “Can music increase your running speed?” The running speed increases by about 23 to 29 seconds. My hypothesis, which was music actually can increase your running speed, was correct. I learned that music may be able to motivate the runner and get their mind distracted so they perform better. Also, many people are different; therefore their minds are set and wired differently so the music may not affect them as it might affect others. I also learned that music can increase a person’s running speed. If I could improve this experiment, I would definitely use more people that are different types of runners to help me determine the answer to my science fair question.
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