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Presentation to the Underwriters

No description

Period 1 Bush

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of Presentation to the Underwriters

Presentation to the Underwriters
How to create a fabulous Prezi
Research what insurance companies will actually pay for
Look on Jupiter for some helpful links
Step 1: Do your homework

Look at your rubric to see which parts need to be on your prezi:
Geologic Events
Research Information
Contributing Factors
Step 2: Label each Part of your Prezi
This is where your lab comes in
What scientific information proves your recommendation?
What did you learn about insurance companies?
Make sure you reference specific links!

Research Information
Social: Dealing with human beings in their relations with each other
Economic: Production, distribution, and consumption of goods
Political: Government, business, policies
Environmental: surroundings, living things
Ethical: ethics, morals, right and wrong
Contributing Factors
Based on research
Need to explain why
If yes: why?
If no: why?

Are there certain conditions for your decision?
How does TTP relate to your final problem?
How do earthquakes and volcanoes contribute?
Remember your problem: Problem: You are a geologist working for an insurance company that has been contacted by a major architectural firm to insure its holdings throughout the world, including California, Japan, eastern Africa, and Chile. Your group is to research Earth’s structure and the movement of tectonic plates and how they relate to geologic events (i.e., earthquakes and volcanic eruptions). You will then make a presentation to the underwriters of your insurance company recommending whether or not to insure the architectural firm.
Geologic Events
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