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Digital Process

No description

Anna Stephenson

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Digital Process

Briefing Concepting Production How do we brief a typical print or broadcast job? What's different on a digital job? Digital Addendum
Additional Key Players Key Players Digital Addendum Cabot Norton
Digital Creative Director Markham Butler
Technical Director Avery Banguilan
Front End Designer / Developer What typically occurs during concept development? What's different on a digital job? Digital Creative Director on all digital jobs.
Possible consultation with Technical Director
Earlier inclusion of Digital Producer
Media Considerations
Technical and Creative Limitations
Vendor role
Storyboards / Wireframes/User Flow
Legal considerations
3rd party check-in and approval Digital Process What's the process on a broadcast job? What's different on a digital job? Inclusion of a digital designer and developer in the creative process
Continued involvement of Key Players
3rd Party considerations
More collaboration with vendor (similar to a CGI spot)
Multi-layered process flow versus linear flow
Measurement/Tracking Considerations
Optimization GP Concept Story Boards Last Airbender Rich Media Concept Storyboards Last Airbender Rich Media Wireframes Final GP Banners http://bbdoatlclient.com/gpc/bldgrep/100818_r1/ Final Last Airbender Rich Media Executions http://cdn.eyewonder.com/100125/adWdrDemos/56197260/56197260_2508228_97729_Demo.html Key Things To Remember Digital projects require a multi-layered process with key players involved early (briefing & concepting) and throughout production.
System of checks and balances
Continue to ask questions, don't take anything as a "given" Todd Copilevitz
Digital Strategist Harley Jebens
Strategist / Architect Amy Avery
Metrics and Analytics Matthew Silliman
Sr. Digital Producer Highway How do you open a digital project? Pick the correct deliverable
Provide brief with digital addendum
provide standard sizes
Assign the proper resources Christa Koscinski
Digital Designer Ernie Muppet
Digital Designer
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