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Etihad Airways

No description

Mira Jabr

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of Etihad Airways

Mix of organic expansion through:
1. Code share partnerships 

2. Minority equity in 7 other airlines;
3 will take off in 2014
Etihad is government owned.

Commercial niche is a provision for best hospitality services.

The Etihad brand is positioned to meet customer satisfaction and overwhelm with its extra features and services, all at a reasonable price.

Strength of Capabilities
Etihad has a location advantage with connects easily to other locations globally.
Because competitors are large in scale and well-established, Etihad's business model is collaborative. Etihad's strength of capabilities is maximized by it's:
Global Operations Model
Etihad Airways commenced operations in November 2003, and in 10 years has become one of the fastest growing airlines in the history of commercial aviation.

Etihad Airways objective is to build a global business to match the emergence of UAE as next global business hub. Etihad operation will connect the world to Abu Dhabi, its corporate hub.
Competitive Advantages
History &

In existence since 2003

Abu Dhabi is their hub

International network of
84 destinations in 52 countries.
Overview of the Company
Company’s Internationalization Strategy
Global Operating Model
Internationalization Experience
Future Scenarios

Fastest Growing Airline in the
History of Commercial Aviation

Fleet of 89 Aircrafts Operate
1400 Flights per week

Etihad Airways currently has over
180 interline relationships and 46
codeshare partnerships in place
Etihad Fleet
Global Routes
& Accomplishments

“We are the fastest growing airline in history and now fly to almost 70 destinations in 47 countries. Our ambition is to be the best in the world, enjoy sustained profitability and support the growth of Abu Dhabi. Although only eight years old Etihad has already won numerous awards, including being named the World’s Leading Airline, Best Long Haul Airline and Best Airline to Asia Pacific.”
Darwin Airlines
Alitalia (still pending negotiations)
Airberlin (29 percent stake)
AirSerbia (49 percent stake)
Aer Lingus (3 Percent stake)
Virgin Australia (19.9 Percent stake)
India’s Jet Airways (24 Percent stake)
Air Seychelles ( 40 percent stake)

Etihad's Vision
As the National Airline of the United Arab Emirates,
we seek to reflect the best of Arabian
hospitality - cultured, considerate, warm and generous -
as well as enhance the prestige of Abu Dhabi as a centre of hospitality between East and West.
Our goal is to be a truly 21st century, global airline,
challenging and changing the established
conventions of airline hospitality.
Cross-cultural risk
Country risk
Currency risk
Commercial risk
Delivered 368,000 tonnes of cargo

Realized a tonnage growth of 19%
And a capacity increase of 14% in available tonnage kilometers.

Etihad’s new facility at Abu Dhabi International Airport will be equipped to handle more than 500,000 tonnes annually.

Etihad Airways Headquarters
Etihad Airways US Expansion Challenges

U.S. represents significant gap in their
existing network map

Has partnerships with American Airlines, Air Canada and new code share agreement with Jetblue

Intense lobbying efforts from U.S. airlines to block codeshare agreements for flights into the U.S.

Hostility toward Gulf carriers by sections of the U.S. Aviation Industry

World's Leading Airline
5 years in a row
This Abu Dhabi-based airline serves regions where Western counterparts fear to tread.
Middle Eastern carriers are often synonymous with luxury. Etihad targets business travelers with high-end, first-class and business- class products
Etihad has installed flat beds in business class and first class on all its aircraft globally.
Destination & Country
Market Segmentation
Future of Etihad
8 new passenger destinations in 2014
Los Angeles
Code share partnerships
Air India, Air Serbia,
Korean Air, Aegean Air
Hala Abu Dhabi
Etihad working towards international offerings within the travel industry
Predictions in 2014
James Hogan: CEO
"Etihad Airways is an airline on the move, and an airline that is growing to meet changing traffic flows between established markets and emerging regions including India, Africa, China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Abu Dhabi, our home, is, in every way, the centre of the world, and in 2014 Etihad Airways will continue to ascend to both leverage and meet the expectations of the market."
Environmental Management at EAS
Inflight Recycling
The business expanded in 2013 with the creation of Etihad Airport
Services (EAS), which includes the airport entities responsible for
catering, cargo handling and airport ground services.
Work has begun with each of these businesses to investigate the
environmental issues and look at opportunities for improvement.
The nature of these operations means a focus on resource
management, innovative recycling and waste management
strategies, with the aim of reducing the amount of waste that
ultimately end up in the landfill.
Economic Growth
According to the latest study by leading UK think tank, Oxford Economics, Etihad Airways and its partners continue to play a crucial role in supporting and driving economic growth in the UAE.
The Etihad Airways group contributed a total of US$10.7 billion to Abu Dhabi’s GDP in 2012. This represents 10.5% of the non-oil GDP of the Emirate. The Group supported 83,500 jobs in total.
Future Scenarios
By 2020, Etihad expects to have more than 160 aircrafts, including 10 Airbus A380s and 41 Boeing 787 Dreamliners with over 30 new international routes planned.

Etihad inevitably needs to match Emirates’ network breadth in the Americas to remain competitive.

The possibility of joining an alliance
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