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Fashion of The 1500s-1600s

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on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Fashion of The 1500s-1600s

Designers and Labels
Words to describe this Time period
What Material Was Used?
Men mostly wore silk doublets and velvet mantles trimmed in fur. Their velvet hats were often

covered in silk from head to toe. They wore puffy trousers and jackets, with linen shirts.

Women wore fitted gowns with ruffles around the collar, with stuffing, wooden hoops and wires.

The underskirt was sewn with hoops made of wood. Most women’s clothing was made out of

silk and lace.
• The silhouette was established in France and England. Bodices were used to create the hourglass shape, consisting of a petite waist and ample chest and hips. The skirts and bodice were detached pieces that had to be sewn or strung together. A petticoat was worn beneath the overdress. As the silhouette evolved, the bodice grew more inelastic and longer to form a V-shape at the waist. A gem-laden belt was used to cover the edges of the skirt and bodice.
Significant Events
• There were no specific designers just influences by royalty such as trends spread buy the rich.
• Anne of Austria wore open bodice with closed cuffs which started a trend.

The Trends

Fashion trends for women: women in the 1500’s-1600’s usually wear big, heavy and stiff dresses with big sleeves. The collars usually cover their necks for modesty.
Women’s shoes: women wore heals with pointed toes.
Fashion trends for men: men in the 1500s-1600s usually wore stiff outfits with unnecessary accessories to show how wealthy they are.
Men shoes: men wore flats that are similar to today’s men “work shoes”.

• 1504 Leonardo paints Mona Lisa
• 1509 Michelangelo takes three years to paint ceiling of Sistine Chapel
• 1531 Henry VIII breaks with Rome
• 1558 Elizabeth I becomes queen
• 1564 William Shakespeare born

Movies set in the 1500s
One Million B.C. (1940)
One Million Years B.C. (1967)
Prehistoric Women (1950)
Prehistoric Women (1967)
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1970)
Creatures the World Forgot (1971)

Fashion Of The 1500s-1600s
Colours and Fabrics

Black was a popular colours for men, they
avoided bright colours.
Most fabrics were made out of silk and lace
Popular colours; gold, black, white, rich reds, peach, blue, wine, black, scarlet, apple-green, violet, yellow, green and purple.

Who Influenced the Fashion?
The fashion was influenced by royalty. Civil War tensions reflected the fashion in England.

Anne of Austria wore an open bodice with closed cuffs, which soon started a trend. The dress of

the Elizabethan Era also influenced fashion. This dress was an elaborate, detailed and important

way of providing information about the person who wears it.
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