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Choir Performance reflection

No description

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Choir Performance reflection

When we learned this music, it made me think about how music can have a very powerful effect on people's lives. With Power of One, I understood how people can use song to convey a very important message. At the beginning of the quarter, I was wondering whether we would choose a whole variety of genres for this concert. I found out that every concert has many songs from many different genres.
Exercise Intellect
The biggest headache for me in the music was the Italian in the Prayer, I practiced it everyday, but I still didn't quite get it. It took a lot of practice and work to finally get it in the end.
Be Prepared
Personally, I went on Haiku almost every night to listen my part and reinforce what I had already learned in choir. Also, we constantly reviewed our parts in class, so it was permanently etched in our brains. I found that very helpful.
Set Goals
The thing that took me the most time to accomplish is the Italian for the Prayer. I feel that I spent my time wisely, because I paid very close attention during class and I got it.
Academic Humility
From this concert, I learned that the more effort you make to collaborate with your fellow peers, the better your music will sound together. I think that I could have learned my part better because I was a little bit confused with the alto part of the Prayer.
Take Risks
I think the biggest risk I took in this assignment was singing higher. II sing very low, but this year, the alto part was a little high. I don't think it will be a risk in the future. The next challenge I want to take on is trying out for a solo.
Multiple Resources
The songs conveyed different messages and the styles we sang them were different. We covered Rock, Pop, and Classical in our music.
Different Points of View
I think the audience thought we did well. Hearing from my parents, the sopranos were extremely good, and the altos sang the harmony well. They thought that the men could have sung their part in the prayer a little louder.

Ponder Ideas
I think that I did fairly well in my performance. I think I improved on finding pitch. Last year I would always be a little off, but this year I hit the pitch correctly. I need to improve my memorization of a part. I forget my part a lot, and need constant repetition.
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