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Rosie Pulou

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of Matariki!!

What is Matariki? Matariki in english actually means the 'eyes of God'. According to myths, when the sky father (Ranginui) and the earth mother (Papatuinuku) were parted apart by their children ( Tumatauenga, Tane , Tangaroa, Ronga and Haumia-tiketike ) the God of the winds, became so angry that he ripped out his own eyes and threw them into the Heavens above. Matariki is the Maori traditional name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades.
It rises only once every year, in mid-winter - late May or early June.
For many Maori people it is the start of the new year ( New Beginnings ) . What are the cycles of life and death? Traditionally, Matariki was a time to take a few minutes to remember all the people who had sadly past away in the last year.

But it also was something happy - crops had been harvested and seafood and birds had been collected. With plenty of food in the storehouses, super markets and more. Matariki was a time for singing, dancing, laughing, feasting, happiness, celebration and a time for people to come together as one . When is the Maori New Year? The Maori new year is marked by the rise of Matariki and the sighting of the next new moon. The pre-dawn rise of Matariki can be seen in in a few days near late May every year and the new year is marked at the sighting of the next new moon which comes out in June. Traditionally depending on the visibility of Matariki the up comeing season's crop was thought to be determined. The brighter and shiner the stars indicated the warmer the season would be and a more productive crop. It was also seen as an special and important time for family to gather as one and reflect on the past and the future which links to New Beginnings. How is Matariki celebrated? Matariki is celebrated with education, remembrance and the planting of new trees, plants and crops signaling New Beginnings. Matariki was the optimum time for brand new harvests and crop, and ceremonial offerings and gifts to the land-based gods Rongo, Uenuku and Whiro to ensure good crops for the coming year. It was also seen as a good time to learn about the land and country we live in/on and to remember whakapapa (ancestry) and whanau who have passed from this world into the other and legacy that they have left behind. Why is Matariki important? How long do celebrations last? Traditionally celebrations lasted up to 3 days after the new moon had risen following Matariki was visible. How does Modern Matariki go? Matariki celebrations were once upon a time popular, but stopped in the 40s. In 2000, it was revived . Only some New Zealanders celebrated Matariki at first, but then in the first few years thousands and thousands of people including parkiha were honouring Matariki. A special feature of Matariki is the flying of kites, because according to acient custom they flutter and fly very close to the seven stars. ( seven sisters matariki ) Who celebrates Matariki? Even though Matariki is part of the Maori culture, anyone who wishes to partcpate can even if they arent from the same country same colour. Does all iwi (Maori tribes) participate in Matariki? All Iwi can celebrate Matariki, but some can celebrate different kinds of ways For example ..............................

some tribes celebrations are held when Matariki is first seen in the dawn sky, for others it is celebrated after the full moon rises, and others the dawn of the next new moon. How does Matariki and Arts associate? The sky was used by Maori for many reasons throughout history. Reading from the vast volumes of stars was a way of preserving history, knowledge, culture and maintaining ancient practices. The time of Matariki was a celebration in all customs and beliefs, so arts in its many forms and areas were very important to this period. With the coming together of family and friends as one it was a time to share with each other skills, achievements and history through storys that had been told , songs and dancing, carving and weaving, ancient ceremonies and passing on of knowledge , legacy and history. Matariki is a special time of an up coming year to celebrate being Maori, its customs and art forms and to show how unique and beautiful and amazing maori culture really is. What are the Arts activities associated with Matariki? -Special play performances

-Street performances

-Exhibitions of Maori crafts

-Classes showing how to weave, carve etc

-Television shows on Matariki history

-Musical performances How does Matariki and Celestial Navigators / Astronomers associate? The night sky contains a huge number of stars which were used by Maori as a way to calculate and answer time and seasons, navigate oceans/sea, preserve knowledge and stories, maintain customary practices and inspire action and achievement to all. Matariki is especially important cluster of stars to Maori culture and people it's there history and their beliefs , it is a signal for seasonal celebration and a key navigational beacon for ocean/sea voyages. Why is matariki not a public holiday? The Maori Party has asked Parliament to create a public holiday to celebrate Matariki, the Maori New Year, but it isn't going to happen. The National Party won't support Rahui Katene's bill because it doesn't think a holiday is necessary. Matariki occurs around mid-winter, marked by the rise of a new moon and shifting constellations. Ms Katene told MPs it was a very special time of year for Maori, with many symbolic meanings. By the awesome team of girls Rosie Shisla &Narelle How do they associate sports in Matariki? Competitiveness is a dominant factor in Maori culture, and the time of Matariki emphasises this.
Matariki is a time of family and friends to come together as one and to share food, festivities, fun and happiness shared around the whole intire world. Families gathered to perform songs and hakas and other types of traditional dances other then the haka, weave, carve, prepare food delicacies, hunt and fish for people to eat .
While all this is done for the celebrations and entertainment for fun, there is always an underlying sense of competition between all of the people who celebrate, to be able to out sing and out perform peers, to catch the biggest fish at of all the people or prepare the tastiest meal ever. Matariki provides a time when we can show off our talents and show i success and allows for recognition in achievement and success. What are the sporting activities associated with Matariki?

Special play performances

Street performances

Exhibitions of Maori crafts

Classes showing how to weave, carve etc

Television shows on Matariki history

Musical performances Bibliography - Google
- Wikipedia
- Internet
- Websites
- Teacher
- Asked parents
- Mostly Mr Brown
- The awesome team of girls which is us Rosie : I have learned about why matariki isn't a public holiday and why not only matariki do but also different celebrations it can do it can bring everyone together as one ( Whanau ) and a time for laughing, forgetting, happiness, dancing, singing and forgiving people for their mistakes of bad choices and remembering the people who have past away R.I.P . Narelle : Shisla : What I have learned about matariki is that it is about the maori new year and the seven sisters in the sky also that matariki has been around for many years. I also learned that matariki is the maori name for cluster.and that it is not a public holiday. I have learned heaps of stuff about Matariki, probably because I had no idea of what that was. I have learned that even though its about the Maori new year, every one who wants to celebrate it. It's also the name of a cluster of stars (knowen as the the seven sisters) and its not a public holiday because people don't think is that important. It happens in May, and it has been going on for ages. Even though its a time of remembering of dead people, it's also a time of happiness, dancing, eating and other stuff. CONTENT - What is Matariki (2 pgs)

- What are the cycles of life and death (2 pgs)

- When is the maori new year (1 pg)

- Why is Matariki important (1 pg)

- How is Matariki celebrated (1 pg)

- How long do celebrations last (1 pg)

- How does the Modern Matariki go? (1 pg)

- Who celebrates Matariki (1 pg)

- Does all iwi ( Maori tribes ) participate in matariki ? (1 pg)

- How does Matariki and arts associate? (2 pgs)

- What are arts activities associated with Matariki (1 pg)

- How does Matariki and Celestial Navigators / Astronomers associate? (1 pg) CONTENT - How do they associate sports in Matariki (1 pg)

- What are the sporting activities associated with
Matariki (1 pg)

- Why is Matriki not a public holiday (1 pg)

- Bibliography

- What we have learnt about Matariki

- video time ........ MOVIE TIME ! ! : Hope you liked it ! - Wati - Ururangi

- Waita - Te-po-tiki

- Wai-puna-rangi

- Tupu-a-nuku

- Tupu-a-rangi NAMES : THE SEVEN SISTERS MATARIKI MATARIKI NEW BEGINNINGS Thanks to the extra helpers that also participated in this little performance that was not playing long ago !
thanks to........ - Ford

- Gabrielle

- Cheala

- Kiowa and last but not least Faalolo !
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