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Copy of Individual Development Plan (IDP)

No description

Jenn B

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Mapping your Career with an Individual Development Plan (IDP)
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
First Job Exercise
IDP Presentation
Breakout to Workshops
Advisor for Analytical Learners
Advisor for Visual Learners
Strategic Partner
Next Steps...
Think back to your very first job...take a minute and come up with three of the most valuable skills you learned and jot them down.
Strategic Partners: Auditorium

Advisor Analytical Learners: Medium Training Room

Advisor Visual Learners: Small Training Room
Workshop Guidance
First Job Exercise
Know what an IDP is and isn't

Understand your role and the role of your supervisor

Know where to go for information and resources
Learning Objectives
Set short and long term professional goals
Assess strengths/weaknesses (SWOT)
Decide what knowledge you need to move forward
Use the workshop to generate ideas
Complete a DS-1922 IDP Form
Meet with Training Team or CDRC (if needed)
Set appointment to discuss with your supervisor
Submit agreed upon IDP to the Training Team
Revisit quarterly

Your Role
An IDP is...
A tool to manage your professional development
A way to leverage your strengths/talents and overcome barriers/weaknesses
An opportunity to discuss short and long term professional goals and structure a plan to meet them
A performance appraisal

A binding contract

A simple list of formal training

Set in stone
An IDP is NOT...
Supervisor's Role...
Help you understand your workgroup's mission and how it fits into the larger organization's mission.
Communicate how you can contribute to the office while developing your competencies.
Share their knowledge and experiences (act as a mentor)
Make sure that the workload is balanced.
Keep the conversation going.
Leadership Competency Development Model
Learning from Experts
Job Assignments
External Opportunities
Training Types
Where to go for more...
FSI: Training Toolkit for All Civil Service Employees
Career Development Resource Center (CDRC)
Our Learning & Development Website
Think Bigger: Ted Talks, Coursera, Distance Learning, etc.
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