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T1 §4 The Romans conquer an empire

No description

J.J.C. Arkenbout

on 16 May 2018

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Transcript of T1 §4 The Romans conquer an empire

The Roman Empire
The city of Rome at first conquered Italy
But how?
1) concluding alliances (verdragen sluiten)
2) with their professional army
people were scared for the army so most of the times they choose for an allaince
much stayed the same -> people were "happy"
The punic battles: rome VS carthage
Treasure: trading in the mediterranean
The borders were guarded with fortresses
So the empire expanded:
But the army leaders didn't listen to the Roman administration
One famous general was ...
He restored peace in the empire, but now he was the only leader: a dictator 'for life'
Only six years after he was emperor he was murdered (44bc)
Julius Ceasar
after Ceasar's death his son Octavianus succeded him (after a battle)
Octavianus called himself Augustus
He brought peace for over 200 years
The pax romana
Augustus was one of the greatest emperors in the Roman empire
Professional army: paid out of taxes
consequence: army grew --> power generals as well
Why were the generals so powerfull?
1) they were needed for survival of the Empire
2) they brought home slaves, gold, food
3) they gave the Empire a good name
This was also the start of a new period: "The age of the Emperors"
The power of the senate was over
Emperors were worshipped as gods
- statues
- buildings
- walls
- Gladiator games
- free food
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