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Animal presintation

No description

cordell beynon

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Animal presintation

Green Anole Lizard Behavior Males attract females
by extending their dewlap They extend their dewlap to
scare away other males Pictures Features Large red dewlap Long pointed snout Scaly body colors Bright green Dull brown Can change color
to any shade of
green or brown INTERESTING FACTS Sometimes confused
with chameleons Can change colors
like chameleons Grow from 5-8 inches long Location Southeastern USA Central America South America Tree trunks On buildings Fences Bushes habitat reptiles and amphibians
Dr. David S. Kirshner
National Geographic society
Washington D.C. Reptile
Colin McCarthy
Dorling Kindersly Limeted
United States Bibliography BOOKS pictures http://diamond-back.com/photos/gallery/images/green_anole.jpg http://pixdaus.com/pics/123354870577W2xfM.jpg http://s4.hubimg.com/u/2283119_f520.jpg Animal Report this presentation was by cordell beynon
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