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9/11 attack

No description

Nehal Chatley

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of 9/11 attack

How did September 11 (Twin Towers)
shape history? What were the effects? What challenges did Osama Bin Laden face to cause him to do this? What happened? Because of the Twin Towers falling and leaving dust, the dust is proven to be wildly toxic. So causing it to be toxic it effects the heart, kidney and liver.

As soon as the attack happened the government closed the airports and thousands of flights were cancelled. He did this because the US forced him to leave Sudan in 1996 and then after that he declared a war against the US.

There was another reason that Osama Bin laden hated the US because the plane that his father was sitting in was a plane from the US and the pilot did not land the plane correctly so the plane crashed and his father died. 19 Al-Queda terrorists hijacked 4 passenger jets.

Two of the planes crashed into the towers and the towers fell in 2 hours leaving big cloud of dust.

The planes made a hole near the 80th floor of the Twin Towers.

After that they figured out that there were about 3,000 deaths in this attack plus the police men and firefighters and the 19 hijackers had lost their lives as well. About 6 people survived. What opportunities/effects has it created? The conclusion to my big question is... My new understanding of the 9/11 attacks is that the attack of the towers has effected the whole world and has shaped history in a new way and it is one of the biggest disasters that has been recorded around the world. Twin Towers No more Twin Towers
plus the pentagon tower The main person was Osama Bin Laden the most wanted terrorist after this attack.

Most of the other terrorists were from Saudi Arabia and the rest were from other parts of Arabia.

The 19 hijackers were also part of this attack.

The 3,000 people were also part of this but were innocent! It has created more security around the world like in airports, towers, malls ect.
In some towers you can't use camera flash to click a photo because of some security reasons. Made by: Nehal Chatley Who was involved? Where we are in Place and Time Central Idea: A multitude of events shape a civilisation.

Line of Inquiry:
Significant individuals and events have changed the course of history.

Key Concept: Causation Why was I curious to know about the September 11 attack? I wanted to know more about the 9/11 attacks because I wanted to know who was involved, how that person destroyed them, what happened, The effects, why he did this. Thanks for watching my inquiry about the 9/11 attacks
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