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Convenience Food

No description

shah shah

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Convenience Food

between ready-to-eat & ready-to-cook food
Both types of convenience food can be classified under four category
What are convenience food?
Whats the difference?
4 Categories of Convenience food
Category 1: Frozen Food

Category 2: Ready-prepared meals

Category 3: Bottled and Canned food

Category 4: Dried food
Friday, September 19, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
By the end lesson;
Guidelines on buying convenience food
You would be able to ;

1. List the different types of convenience food.

2. State the advantage and disadvantage of convenience food.

3. List the points of look out for when buying convenience food.

4. Identify adn evaluate information on food label, nutrition label and nutritional claims.

5. List come ways of combining convenience food with fresh food in preparing healthy and balanced meal

6. List some uses of the information on food and nutrition labels.
Rule Number 1: Always check the expiry date.

Rule Number 2: Always make sure that packaging is tightly sealed and not damaged.

Rule Number 3: Avoid the ice crystals

Rule Number 4: Do not buy dented or rusty or bloated food.
Convenience Food
Convenience food are food that are fully or partially processed by food manufacturers.

There are two types of convenience food;

1. Ready-to-eat

2. Ready-to-cook
Can be eaten straight away.

Mostly bottled or canned food.

Do not need and preparation work or cooking.
Examples: Breakfast cereals, biscuits, canned beans, milk, ice-cream
Require some preparation work and cooking before consumed

Either dried or frozen.

Examples: Frozen pizza, instant noodles, pancake or cookie mix.

What category and type of food am i?
A dummy's guide
Can you explain why?.............
Convenience Food
Think about
Also think about
Your nutritional needs
adding of preservatives
The shelf-life
The nutritional content of the food
Are you smarter than a food label
To end of this lesson
KNow that there are......

Four categories of convenience food
Four things to note before buying convenience food
Advantages and Disadvantages of convenience food
The difference between food label and nutritional label
Various nutritional claims
Function of labels
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