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The Fifties

No description

Monica Adams

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of The Fifties

The Fifties Born in Tupelo, Missisipi on January 8, 1935, Elvis Presley took America by storm with his contreversial dance moves and his devilish looks.
Elvis "The Pelvis" Presley Music Dance Film TV Hiram "Hank" Williams Sr. On January 1st, 1955, Elvis gets signed by Bob Neal. August 16, 1977 Elvis is found dead due to heart failure. This shocks the nation within a few hours. Hank Williams was born in Mount Olive West, Alabama on September 17, 1923. He changed country music forever and made his first radio appearence at the age of 16.
On New Years Day in 1953, Hank
dies due to alcoholism and an
addiction to morphine. Ruth Brown Born on January 31, 1938 in Portsmouth, Virginia, Ruth Brown
was a legendary women. Her voice was much different than
anything america had heard before. She was signed with Atlantic
Records but it was said that Atlantic records was "the house that
Ruth Brown built." Her original name was Ruth Weston. She died
on November 17, 2006 due to a surgery she never recoverd from
after a heart attack and stroke. Johnny Cash On February 26, 1932, Carrie and Ray Cash
gave birth to Johnny Cash. He worked hard
as a child and then became a country music star
in 1954 in a band called Johnny Cash and the
Tennessee Two. September 12, 2003, Johnny Cash dies due to
complication with diabetes. He finishes the
album American V: A Hundred Highways a week
before his death. Vertigo At the time of the release, Vertigo was not exactly a box office hit. This is one of Alfred Hitchcock's most deep and powerful movies. The movie eventually became popular but even more so as the years progressed. It's a twisted romance/thriller story, sure to grab your attention. Major Events Attack of the 50 Foot Woman Attack of the 50 Foot Woman is the story of a rich woman with a cheating husband. Known as the town alcoholic, no one believes her when she tells them she saw aliens. After some time, the alien's touch has some odd effects on her, such as becoming 50 feet tall. She eventually gets her revenge on her husband. Singin' In The Rain Exit Slip Doctors start to test LSD for it's effects. They were givng the drug to students in order to decide whether the drug was harmful or not. Psychologists stated that there seemed to be no truly harmful effects and wanted to use it as treatment but the drug, created by Albert Hoffman, was too risky to use for medicinal purposes. The first ever Barbie doll is created in 1959, creating a huge fuss. The new doll was thought of as "risky" since she was nothing like any other doll but the minds of people were quickly changed. The Hula Hoop is brought to America
in 1957. Relesed on June 4, 1954, On the Waterfront is the on the list of greatest movies of the 1950's as number 2. This story takes is about Terry Malloy, a man who's only wish is to be a prized fighter. The plot thickens as our main character witness a murder. On the Waterfront Singin' in the Rain was made in 1952 and takes place in 1927. Our two main characters are in the movie business. While working on a film, our leading lady falls for our leading man but he's in love with another woman. Harry Truman approves production of the hydrogen bomb and sends air force and navy to Korea in June, 1950. In 1955, Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on the public bus in Montgomery, Alabama. 1953, the fighting ends in Korea. 1. Name 3 major inventions or events that occured during the 50's.
2. How do these still affect our world today? Racial segregation in public schools is ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1954. Every young boy
wants a BB Gun. Papermate makes the first leak-proof ballpoint pen in 1950. Maverick I Love Lucy The Price Is Right Gunsmoke The Price is Right began on November 26, 1956 with Bill Cullen as the host. The show rewarded contestants if they were able to guess the correct retail price of a particular item. I Love Lucy first aired in 1951 and was the first comedy show in America. Instantly, Lucille Ball took the hearts of Americans. Maverick was created in 1957 featuring James Garner, Jack Kelly, Roger Moore, and Robert Colbert. This Western-Comedy was based around the poker-playing mavericks. Gunsmoke is America's longest running western television show. It first aired in 1955 and had it's last show in 1976. It held it's place as the number one show for 6 years. Swing The Cha-Cha Rock and Roll The Hand Jive Just a simple dance created in 1958, the Hand Jive was the dance that everyone knew. Although it was simple, if you didn't know the dance, then you were a nobody. Swing dancing was brought over from the 40's to the 50's and is still one of the few dances that is learned widely today. By the end of the 50's, Rock and Roll dancing threw away the idea of dancing with a partner. Instead, people gyrated to the beat of the music. The Cha-Cha is a combination of Latin-American dances that became a popular nightclub dance in the 50's.
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