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The Positive Effects of the Industrial Revolution

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Brandon Matheny

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of The Positive Effects of the Industrial Revolution

The Positive Effects of the Industrial Revolution
Reason #1
One of the things the Industrial Revolution did was increase population growth. As a result, it came with a larger pool of workers for factories. It also bought in a higher demand for goods made in factories as well. As a result, this would continue to grow till were we are right now.
Reason #2
Another thing that the Industrial Revolution did is increase the wealth of businessmen. As a result of that, more factories began to be set up to produce goods, thus decreasing the price of goods. It also started providing funding for inventors, which as a result, inventors were able to come up with new, beneficial inventions.
Reason #3
One last thing the Industrial Revolution did was it completely globalized the economy. A wider range of goods was were now available, and were at a reasonable price. It began to increase the economical activity around the world. Because of this, different people were able to mix with to mix with different people. And finally, due to the population, people were more likely to be evaluated based on what they were special at, not because of the religion, race, or nationality.
As you can see, the Industrial Revolution became a significant revolution on society. Although it did have it's negative effects on society, the positive effects outweighed the negative effects in the long run. The main point of revolution is change, usually meant in a positive way in the long run.
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