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13 Reasons Why; Book report.

No description

Adrianna Levesque

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of 13 Reasons Why; Book report.

By: Jay Asher Setting: Characters: Summary: Recommendations: There is actually no specific setting in this book. It's mostly in California but, when she made the tapes she made a map of where to go to listen to the tapes to help you understand more. Well, she gave about 14 different places to go. Some of them are places around town, like the library, but others are specific people's house. But, the most frequent ones were Monet's Cafe and where all the parties were. He went to Monet's Cafe for almost the whole day. The things in this book could happen today. Which makes the tense of the book present time. The main Characters are Hannah, Clay, Courtney, and Mr. Porter. -Clay came home normally and saw a package leaning against his door. He opens it and finds tapes. Tapes that will change his life forever. He puts then in his tape player and finds out they are from his old crush, Hannah Baker. She committed suicide just not many days before. He could tell he wasn't the first to get them. They were sent to one student and told to keep bringing them to the next person. Well, each person on the tapes are there for a purpose. They each played a role in her death/decision to end it. The 13 people who put a toll on her are on the tapes, explaining what they did. Then Hannah gave a 2nd set of tapes to someone, and Clay later finds out who it is. He warns them they must pass them on or they will end up getting into the student body. If they get into the student body, something on the tapes could permanently embarrass people and some could face jail time. But, while reading this you can tell she is depressed and that's what leads to her suicide. She even writes an anonymous letter to her teacher about her thinking what she is and so the teacher let everyone know the signs of suicide. One was dramatic change of appearance. She just chopped off like half of her hair. So I thought people would know it was her, but it was too late. I would recommend this book 100%. This was absolutely my favorite book of all time. I know the topic is sometimes touchy towards people, like it was to me, but really, it was a great read. Many people know a lot about the main topic (suicide) but never read a book from this point of view. I recommended it to my friend and she is half-way done and she got the book 3 days ago. But, for me, it was hard putting this book down. Very well written and had great amounts of detail. (Many guys would like this book, but yet, it is very feminine at parts. I know some guys that have read this book and they loved it.) Thirteen Reasons Why Project done by: Adrianna Levesque Jay Asher Author: -Hannah: She is the main character of this book. This book is all about her and her struggle to go through everything. She recorded herself saying all the reasons and all the people who caused her pain and helped her make up her mind to end it all. -Clay: is the other main character who receives Hannah's tapes. If you are on the tapes you are one of the reasons why she ended it. So the whole book is him trying to place himself in the tapes. He follows her maps to the max and finally at the end of the book Clay finds his place. -Courtney: At school she was nice to everyone, except Hannah. First off, she's a fake. She used Hannah...A lot. When she needed something, like a ride to a party, she'd call Hannah to bring her. She made up rumors about her and made her life miserable. But, Hannah let her have it on the tapes. -Mr. Porter: Personally, I think he is the one 100% to blame for her death. He is a guidance counselor and she told him she felt worthless and wanted it all to end. He let her walk out and do nothing about her saying she wanted to kill herself. So, he should be the one to blame. 13 Reasons Why is Jay Asher's first book. 13 reasons why is now in 31 different languages , this is because many people wanted to read the book, but couldn't. He was born September 30, 1975 in California and he still lives there now. One of his other books is 'The future of Us.' This book is about a girl who finds herself in the future. 13 Reasons Why earned several awards and had received 5 stars. -Who was the first Person on Hannah's Tapes and what did he do? -Why was Clay on the tapes? -Why did people not notice the signs even when her teacher passed out a flyer about suicide? -Why do you think Hannah made the tapes, to make the people suffer? Questions: -Name a person's feelings after listening to the tape. Do you think they would go back and change anything? Answers: -The first person on the tapes was Justin, the guy who started rumors about her, after their first kiss. -Clay was on the tapes so she could tell him she was sorry for not getting to know him better. - I think the people didn't notice the signs because they probably didn't look for them. Do you really look for signs of suicide when you first see a person? - I think Hannah made the tapes so people didn't think she killed herself out of the moment. She had reasons and I think it wasn't to make them suffer or feel bad. - Clay, he cried, a lot and felt horrible while he didn't know what he did. Then when he found out he felt worse. If he could, Clay would go back and change it all. Jay Asher only has 2 books out, including 13 Reasons Why and his newest one is the Future of Us
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