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For School

Tomi Byrnes

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Ballet

Are You Ready...En Pointe Most girls when they start to dance expect that they will go straight into point shoes, but that is a mistaken fact. Most Prima Ballerina's have done many years in flat ballet shoes. So lets get started... Ballet dancing is an art. Every word and every step in French, even the name ballet is French. To really advance in ballet you have to be very committed. I dance 3 times a week. So guess for yourself, am I committed? Lets move on.........to a video. Pretty cool isn't it!!! That was a Ballet school called Anaheim Ballet. All of the dancers are very committed. I really enjoy watching their videos on youtube. Moving onto the making of a pointe shoe.... A pointe shoe is made by a professional ballet shoe maker. They are very talented people, but sadly most of their work gets scrapped just before the ballerina's begin to dance I'll tell you why in the next frame..... A Ballerina has to "break-in" her pointe shoes. Which means that the toe box of the pointe shoe has to be broken and softened. Another thing they must do before they can dance in a new pair of ballet shoes, is that they must soften the arch. this is a long and teadious task but it is all worth it when it comes to keeping your feet healthy. Here is a video of a ballerina breaking in her new ballet shoes and preparing for class........ Pretty hardcore stuff!!! I honestly can't wait until I go en pointe. I know it may sound painful but I have been waiting for a moment like that for ages. Everyone has to wait and prepare for pointe shoes. It is a long journey before the rush of being en pointe. Lets take a look.... It's a long road to being en pointe, trust me I know. I have been dancing for 6 years now and I am just going en pointe at the end of next year. My teacher has just decided that my class can start preparing and go en pointe. Lets go back to the making of a pointe shoe..... A lot of work goes into making pointe shoes. The shoe maker put in a lot of time into the shoes and all they gets is to have the toe box and pointe shoe broken lets go onto some famous ballets....... The Nutcracker: Is a beautiful story about a girl who happens to get a toy Nutcracker. He comes to life and is a guardian for the girl Clara. When the Evil Mouse King comes and attacks the brave Nutcracker comes to protect Clara. Then the two go on an adventure around the world and stop in different countries. Every country has a different dance, and different music to suit. Here is a video of The Sugar Plum Fairy..... Another ballet is Swan Lake. It is a story about a girl who gets a curse on her and becomes a swan. Then a prince falls in love with her. So the ballet is a love story. My favorite dance in this story is the dance of the four signets. So here's a clip........ Moving onto a different subject, styles of dance. I know this isn't really part of my topic but I still want to do it. So here we go! The first style (other than ballet) is Jazz, here is a jazz shoe.... Another style of dance is tap, here's a girls tap shoe...... Here's another style of dance, Contempomtary the style of shoe you wear is called a foot thong... Last but not least character, here is a character shoe it has a little heel and is black.... I take part in all these types of dance. My favorite style is still ballet. My troupe has competed in many competitions in the styles of ballet and character. My troupe has came 3rd in character and 4th in ballet. Sadly this is my last frame with information. Lets go to the very last frame.... Thanks for watching. I have enjoyed researching this topic. I am looking forward to going......
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