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Shooting Kabul

This is my book report for my LA project.

Sophie Singer

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Shooting Kabul

Project By: Sophie Thatcher
. Exposition Fadi and his family have to leave Afghanistan, it is
getting too out of control. His father plans to go back to
United States to Fremond, California. Trying to escape
will be so difficult. People will be watching... Conflict He and his family are heading to a car to take them to safety, but Mariam drops her "one and only" barbie doll. It is getting hard for Mariam to keep up with Fadi. He leaps unto the bus, looking back, and finding Mariam struggling within the crowd of people. Introduction Fadi never in his wildest dreams thought that he'd live in Fremond,
California. His parents and siblings didn't either. Thousands of
miles away from home- Kabul, Afghanistan and his sister
Mariam, was a big adjustment for him. After 9/11 occurred,
things just got worse. But a photography competition comes up,
with a grand prize to India. Fadi sees his chance to return to
Afghanistan and find his lost sister Mariam. Fadi desperately
relays on this competition to bring back his sister. But what would
happen if he didn't win? . . Rising Action Fadi and his family stay with his uncle, and his family. Fadi is feeling absolutely horrible for his lost little sister Mariam, thinking it was all is fault. He struggles through a depression. Finally, middle school starts. It is going fine, though he may have not made many friends, maybe that's just how things are supposed to be. Fadi joins the photography club, with help from his sister. Climax His art teacher exclaims to the photography club that
their will be a photo competition. Whoever wins the grand prize gets a trip to India. Fadi sees the chance to go back home and find his sister. Now the pressure is on, he has to win this competition. Complication It is September 11th, 2001. It is all normal, everything is calm. Until the teachers tell the students the news of 9/11. Everyone is blaming Fadi for this event calling him horrible "terrorist" names. The bullies are after him. And they say that a family has taken Mariam, but Mariam one day runs away from them. Trying to find her family on her own. Fadi desperately waits for the day that they announce the winner. Finally, it has arrived, it stomach is turning. He does not get it. Some with grader has won the grand prize. Fadi breaks into tears. They go to a gallery to look at some of the photos in the competition. And he finds one set in Afghanistan. He finds Mariam in the picture! Falling Action . Resolution They track down where Mariam is. And they go the airport, and there she is. Waiting for them, she races over to her family, and gives them the best hug. Tears rush down everyone's eyes, tears of joy and relief. They are all together again. Symbols A barbie doll was they symbol of Mariam. Which meant every time Fadi saw a barbie doll, he couldn't stand it. He saw his lost sister. She had a very treasured doll that she would take everywhere. So seeing a barbie doll, meant a lot to Fadi. N. H. Senzai Grew up in San Francisco, CA, but was born in Chicago, IL. She spoke two languages, and tried to balance two cultures. She went to a boarding school in London, England and was voted "most likely to lead a literary revolution". She is still living in San Francisco, with her husband a professor of political science, and her cat. What I liked best I liked when Fadi was at Toys R' Us, and he finds the collection of barbie dolls. Of course he thinks of Mariam, how it was "his fault" he is lost. He throws a tantrum in the store, everyone watches. This part was exciting, and chilling. I felt horrible for Fadi, and a little embarrassed. He tore apart a box, and they had to buy it. And you know how little money they have. Recommendation I would recommend this book to about 9+, but only a mature nine year could read it. The literature is quite easy, but the story is very intense, and some children wouldn't get it. If you could handle it, I bet this would be a great book for you. This book is also surely more of a boys book. Set from a boys perspective, and it's sometimes violent. I'm not saying girls wouldn't like it, you should just watch out.
I'd give it 3 in a half stars out of 5. Thanks for watching my presentation .
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