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Future Problem Solving

No description

Kelly Thornhill

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Future Problem Solving

What are the steps of FPS and what do they do.
Step 1: Find 16 problems in the future scene
Step 2: Find the major problem that you are going to solve
Step 3: Find 16 solutions to your major problem
Step 4: Write 5 criteria
Step 5: Evaluate your top 8 solutions based on your criteria
Step 6: Elaborate on your best solution. It will be a total of 3 paragraphs
Improves thinking
Improves sportsmanship at competition
Get to go to interesting places if you or your team make the state/international competition
Meet new people
Helps you organize your thinking
Improves teamwork
What is the format for each step?
Step 1: Because_______there may be a challenge that_______. This could cause_________.
Step 2: Because______,how might we____so that___.
Step 3: (Who) will (do what) by (how will it work)
Step 4: Which solution will_______?
Step 5: It is a grid.
Step 6: P1= Who what when how, P2= what are the obstacles and how will you solve it P3= what positive effect will it have on the future scene
Future Problem Solving
What is Future Problem Solving (FPS)?
FPS is a international competition that improves thinking in people. It causes kids to organize and evaluate their thinking so that they can solve problems in life.
Cost money to register and to pay for hotel/food at competitions
There may not be enough people that will join FPS
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