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'The Great Escape' - 'Chicken Run'

No description

Jennifer Celeban

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of 'The Great Escape' - 'Chicken Run'

How has Peter Lord & Nick Park appropriated 'The Great Escape'?
Introductions & Plot Summary
Relationships with culture
'The Great Escape':
Ways texts are valued
'The Great Escape':
Themes & Concerns
'The Great Escape':
'The Great Escape' by Paul Brickhill - 'Chicken Run' by Peter Lord & Nick Park
Germany - Hitler & Jews
'Chicken Run':
England - Churchill
women's social freedom
world peace
history & leadership
iconic realism
animal cruelty
'Chicken Run':
life lessons to learn from
insight into human behaviour
humanity concern
'Chicken Run':
lay eggs = stay alive
escaping takes priority
living dream - overcome physical limitations
Similarities & differences
escape-proof: "No chicken escapes from Tweedy's farm!"
fences, huts, cooler & Appell
'The Great Escape' + hundreds of characters = confusing
'Chicken Run' + combinations of characters = less confusing
bird relation
Ginger = Roger Bushell "Big X" & Major Johnny Dodge "The Artful Dodger"
Rocky Rhodes = Roger Bushell "Big X"
"He was two people, really - one ruthless and autocratic, and the other the generous playboy" (pg 124)
Bunty = Wing Commander Harry Day "Wings Day"
"He could be steely and frightening, and then sometimes that wry mouth of his would relax in a gentle smile" (pg 5)
Mrs Tweedy = Kommandant Von Lindeiner
"He was a lean, good-looking man with composure in his face, always immaculate...black riding boots" (pg 66)
Mr Tweedy = Staff Sergeant Glemitz & Corporal Griese "Rubberneck"
"incredibly charitable nature" (pg 6)
"...they didn't have any morale underneath. Inside they seemed naked and defenseless" (pg 60-61)
Babs & Mac = manufacturers (lots of people)
Nick & Fetcher = "scroungers"
Fowler = Massey (Senior British Officer & group captain)
end escape:
novel - tunnel
film - plane
4th of July = Rocky's pick-me-up party
Ginger declares they are all going to be turned into pies = "Tom" gets blown up = prisoners go "wire-happy" & make desperate escape attempts but get killed = chickens panic after Ginger is taken to pie machine
race against time:
novel - to finish tunnel before Americans are moved
film - to finish plane before Mr Tweedy fixes pie machine
last minute obstacle:
novel - "Harry" 10ft short
film - Mr & Mrs Tweedy try to obstruct escape by plane
By Jennifer Celeban
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