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Scientific Method Experiment Project by Michael Rash 7th Grade Ms. Hess

Do clothes get cleaner washing them in hot water rather than cold water?

Michael Rash

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Scientific Method Experiment Project by Michael Rash 7th Grade Ms. Hess

130 Degrees Temp Dirty T-Shirt
Hot Water Test Water Level Hot Water Setting Load of Clothes Laundry Detergent 15 Minute Wash Cycle Some Dirt Spots Still Showing Closer Look More Evidence Dirty T-Shirt
Cold Water Test Load of Clothes Cold Temp Setting Water Level Laundry Detergent 15 Minute Cycle 69 Degrees Washing Temp More Deeper and Colorful Dirt Spots than Hot Washing Closer Look More Evidence My hypothesis was: I think that if I wash my really dirty clothes in hot water (130 Degrees) then they will be cleaner than washing them in cold water (69 Degrees).
My Hypothesis held true! After Washing in 130 Degree
Hot Water = After Washing in 69 Degree
Cold Water= The problem was this...Really Dirty Clothes... Do they get cleaner using hot water to wash them or are they just as clean using cold water? My hypothesis is the following: I think my really dirty clothes will get cleaner if washing them using hot water rather than using cold water So here is what I am going to do... I am going to wash two sets of equally dirty clothes with one particular piece of clothing in each wash that will be really soiled with mud. I will wash one set in hot water (at 130 degrees temperature) and one set in cold water (at 69 degrees temperature). I will give you the results and step by step instructions so you can test this yourself! Step One... Get two sets of equally dirty clothes with one piece of clothing per wash being particularly dirty. In my case I used mud from my yard on two t-shirts. Step Two...Put one of the sets of clothes in your washing machine Step Three...Pour in a cup of clothes washing detergent. Step Four....Set water level to maximum load Step 5...Set Washing temperature to HOT Step 6...Set Washing Cycle to normal Step 7... Start Washing Machine and let fill up with water Step Eight...Use a thermometer and check the water temperature at the beginning of the wash cycle. Record that temperature. Step nine...Let the clothes wash Step 10...After the clothes have washed, inspect the dirtiest clothes for level of cleanliness. Visual, Smell and touch. Record that data with pictures from your camera. Step 11...Take the other set of clothes and repeat the same steps except Step 5. In Step 5 turn the water temperature setting to cold then follow through with the other steps. Record your results. Data: Constants
Equally Dirty Clothes
Washing detergent
Same Washing Machine
Equal Washing Time
Equal Level of Water Data: Measurable Variables
Water Temperature
130 Degrees Hot
69 Degrees Cold For the record: The other clothes in the laundry which were normal everyday clothes were not any cleaner by using either degrees of water temperature. Only the really dirty t- shirts were affected. Michael Rash
Scientific Method Experiment Project
7th Grade Ms. Hess
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