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Logical Connector or Linking Words

No description

jhon ramirez

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Logical Connector or Linking Words

Types of Logical Connectors Logical Connector
Classification Logical Connectors or Linking Words (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Bibliographical References Result Logical Connectors or Linking Words Logical connectors are linking words and phrases which establish the logical relationship between ideas within a sentence or between sentences. They also improve the flow of writing that is a smooth movement from one idea or piece of information in a text to the next. Logical connectors are thus guideposts for readers that help them to better follow the text. As transitional expressions show various kinds of logical relations, they may be grouped according to their meaning and function. Logical Connectors are named and grouped according to their function Examples So (less formal): There was nothing on TV, so I decided to go to bed.

As a result (of) : There has been a rise in the number of fail of English proficiency test. As a result, the university has decided not to make the test anymore.

As a result of the rise in the number of fail of English proficiency test, the university has decided not to make the text anymore.

As a consequence (of) : The boy failed his math test. As a consequence, he cannot visit his friends this weekend.
He cannot visit his friends this weekend, as a consequence of his failure on his math test.

Therefore (formal, used mainly in written English): I haven't eaten in days, and therefore I am starving

Thus (very formal) He didn't work at all, and thus was fired

Consequently He wanted to buy a car; consequently, he bought it.

Hence You are going to be late to class, hence, run! comparison Similarly
Just as
Just like
Similar to
Same as
compare(d) to / with Examples addition And
In addition / additionally / an additional
As well as examples Index · Justification
· Explanation
· Illustration
· Assesing
· Text
· Bibliographical References BY

Sandra Tatiana Mesa
Jhon Ramirez
David StivenArango ASSSESING So
As a result
As a consequence (of)
Due to Example Examples For example
For instance
That is (ie)
Such as
Namely Sequential Examples First / firstly, second / secondly, third / thirdly etc
Next, last, finally
In addition, moreover
Further / furthermore
To summarise Reason For
Because / because of
Because of
Inasmuch as
Being that
Consequently / As a consequence
Due to (the fact that)
In that
In view of (the fact that)
Owing to (the fact that)
So that
So, so much (so) that examples Emphasis Undoubtedly
In fact / As a matter of fact
Particularly / in particular
Above all
Without a doubt
In any case Examples Contrast However
Although / even though
Despite / in spite of
In contrast (to) / in comparison
On the other hand
On the contrary examples Logical Connector
Classification Text Drinking too much may be dangerous; above all, when you are drinking pills.

I did all my homework; in fact, I did that one which the teacher will leave us next class.

Indeed, I was drinking too much that day, but I did not do so again.

(…) my mom forbade me to go out with my friends; in any case, this is not the point, because I escaped through the window and I knew my mom was going to kill me after that. I hit him because he had it coming.

Due to the seriousness of the matter, you have been expulsed from our school.

Water has two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen; hence, it is the simpler compound of the planet.

Owing of the fact that North Korea has proved some of their missiles, United States and South Korea are prepared for a new possible war against them.

Do it like this, so that the liquid is spilt all over this side (…). Although she is with another guy, I still love her.

Love hurts; however, you cannot deny that you would like to start a new love despite having suffered.

Thanks for the red car you bought to me; nevertheless, I do not like red cars but black cars, so give it back.

Dog is the man’s best friend; on the other hand, a Pit-bull may become your worst enemy.

I wanted to talk to her; still, I was too afraid to do that. Once upon a time, a boy that wanted to have a best friend; however, he had no friends. Then, he asked himself: “How can I make it possible to meet someone? I feel so alone…” He went out to the street, he looked at the kids that played on the ground, so happy, laughing and enjoying what they were doing. “They seem to have a nice game. I want to play too, but I do not know them, and I am too scared to talk to them, maybe they would not like to play with me”, thought the boy. Hence, he sat down in a bank which was near the kids, in order to see them play. Inside his thoughts, he was waiting for a kid to see him and to ask him to play with them, but no one saw him. Until one of them saw him all alone in the bank, nevertheless he turned his sight and still played. The boy realized he looked at him; in fact, he stood up in order to be prepared for kid’s coming; yet, he still played. “I do want to play, I do not want to see them play anymore, I want to be with them”, thought the boy. In addition, he added: “I’m going to stand up and to go where they are and to ask them if I may play with them, yes, that’s what I’ll do” Indeed, this is what he did. So the boy encouraged himself and took his fear away. Consequently, he took courage, stood up and went where the kids were playing, believing in that the kids would not say him no. Being already there, all the kids stopped playing and saw him like a phenomenon. Accordingly, he felt scared by the way they saw him; nonetheless, he took courage again and stammeringly said to them: “He-he-hello guys; what are you doing?” As a result, no one answered; there was a deep silence among them, because they still saw him like a weird person. At this, the boy added: “Ma-ma-may I play with you guys?” and then they said with an outright “no!” The boy almost weeps after having listened to them. Despite their answer, he added spilling some drops of tears: “Why will you not allow me to play with you? Whether there is still a place for me in what you are playing” At this, they answer: “Because you are not our friend” And then he replied: “But we can become friends” At this the kids said: “No, due to we are not interested in becoming your friends. Get away!” So the boy cried and let his tears fall and stain his cloth. Owing of the fact that he did not understand why he could not either have a friend or comprehend why those kids answered him like that, he desired death. So he walked away, crying, toward the bank he was before, in order to see them play again. Kicking the bank as a result of the anger he was feeling, he noticed a knife was under it. Thus, he took it, saw it and said to himself: “If I’m not going to kill myself… then what if I…” Similarly: I drive cars similarly to my father.

Likewise : They returned home. Likewise, I went home.

Just as : Just as you have rights, so too you have responsibilities.

Same as :Everyday are the same as always: studying, and working

Similar to : This dog is similar to mine

like : She talks like her brother does.

Aso: If you write to me I will also write to you. And : He is a man who knows his weaknesses. And he will give his best effort.

In Addition: She must dance gracefully. In addition, she must dance precisely.

Additionally: Tatiana will learn bachata and merengue. Additionally, she will try choke.

Also: Tantiana is a very strong dancer. Also, she has years of experience dancing salsa.

Furthermore: I do not believe that eating meat is good; furthermore I do not eat any meat

Too: She runs every day, and goes to the gym, too.

as well as: Our teacher brought cake as well as juice for everyone in the English Class. http://vlc.polyu.edu.hk/common/logical_connectors.htm


https://www.dlsweb.rmit.edu.au/lsu/content/4_writingskills/writing_tuts/linking_LL/linking3.html Blue color is considered like a peaceful color, for example/for instance most of the kid’s rooms are painted blue to produce a calm attitude in children.

There are many kinds of small breeds of dogs such as the Chihuahuas, Beijingers or Poddles.

It is necessary to have a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, including the naturals and the artificial ones.

The students are undisciplined today, namely the male students. If you have problems with the alcohol the first step is to accepted, moreover assist to the meeting at the AA center and finally you have to get rid of all the liquor from home.
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