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Austin Mahone.

No description

Raquel Solti

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Austin Mahone.

By:Raquel Austin Carter Mahone The start of a new career Austin finally went out to California and started recording. Austin now has 3 songs out, 11:11, Say Somethin', and Say Your Just A Friend. But by the time he was signed he had already started booking gigs with many artists. The beginning He posted many covers on Youtube. His cover of Mistletoe went viral. Then he was realized and got signed to Chase/Universal Republic Records on August 28, 2012. Information on Austin. Starting to get famous. Austin started performing with many artists as an opening act. His fame started to rise in 2012. Then as he got recogized he dropped out of school as more people asked for autographs/pictures and started getting home schooled. How he got were he is today. He got more and more famous as his 3 singles came out. He started to sell out stadiums within minutes. He began to get interviewed with many people. He eventually got #38 on the Billboards chart for youngest artist. Then rose to #28. He was the youngest to appear on the c More facts on Austin. Austins best friend is Alex Constancio. 11:11 was #19 on the Billboard Heatseekers songs. His dad died when he as 16 months old. He now lives in Florida wih his mom, Michele. He learned drums at age 6 then later on learned guitar and piano for his career. His manager is Rocco Valdes. Austin Mahone is 16 and was born on April 4, 1996. He is from San Antonio, Texas. Then at age 14 he started getting into music. . Say somethin' Say your just a friend 11:11 Credits go to... Music-Youtube
Facts-Austinmahone.com ,Austinmahonefacts.net ,Mahomies.net ,and Google.com.
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