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Virtual First Aid Kit

No description

Adrianna Clipston

on 4 January 2014

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Transcript of Virtual First Aid Kit

Virtual First Aid Kit
Canadian Red Cross first aid manual
Instant ice packs
Good use for placing on swelling or placing on other parts on the body if over heating.
Coins for pay phone
In case of emergency and you do not have access to a cell phone, you could use these coins for a near by pay phone to call for help, or 911.
Basic First Aid Kit
It's important to have a first aid manual in the first aid kit in case you do not know what to in a certain situation or need instructions on how to care on a specific wound.
Pocket Mask
Eye patches
Emergency blanket
Pencil and pad
Antiseptic wipes or soap
Flashlight, with extra batteries in a separate bag
Disposable non-latex gloves
Safety pins
Adhesive bandages in assorted sizes
Roller and triangular bandages
to hold dressings in place or to make an arm sling
Adhesive tape
Sterile gauze pads (dressings) in small and large squares to place over wounds.
Home and office phone numbers for family members, friends, or neighbors who can help.
Emergency telephone numbers for EMS/9-1-1, your local poison control centre, and your personal doctors.
It's good to have eye patches in your first aid kit in case of an eye injury.
Having a thermometer is good for checking your temperature if you are feeling sick.
Pocket mask are one of the most important things I believe, in case someone is passed out you needed to preform CPR then you may use it.
Good use for cleaning wounds.
A Flash Light is a good thing to have when you are unable to see in a situation. It will light the way!!
Gloves are important if you are dealing with a wound and do not want to infect the person or do not what to get blood or any other substance on your hands.
Good for use of bandaging small wounds.
Safety pins are good for holding on/bandages together.
Tweezers are good for removing small pieces of an object embedded in the skin or wound in emergency. Or doing other difficult small task.
Good use for holding on bandages against wounds.
To contact people in case of emergency.
It's good to have emergency numbers in case something has gone wrong and you need to contact someone right away.
Scissors are great to have in a first aid kit possibly to cut through clothing or cutting gauze to fit over a wound.
Important to have to place over wounds to stop the bleeding.
Good in case of temperature type emergency, if suffering from hypothermia it is of good use until taken care of further by paramedics.
Good for writing down notes of important and useful information. For an example writing done information of an injured person, getting their name, age, and information about the scene before and if they go unconscious for paramedics.
Hiking First Aid Kit
On this side of the First Aid kits, I will include what I think is necessary to add to your First Aid Kit if you are bringing it with you on a nature hiking trip. Keep in mind that these are things I think you should
to the previous basic First Aid kit.
Waterproof Matches
It's very important you have waterproof matches in case of an emergency, to start a fire to keep warm, cook food or light the way if lost.
Waterproof Satellite Cell Phone
Great use for emergency when you are lost and need to call for help.
Canteen of back up water
In case there is no water to be found, its always good to have back up water.
Instant heating packs
Good source of heat in case of emergency
Back up batteries
Good use in case your satellite phone, flash light or any battery operated device dies.
Pocket Knife
A must have in this First Aid Kit, useful for all around emergency's.
Emergency Packed Food
If you are lost and have no source of food, this is a great back up plan to have.
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