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Conclusion Prezi of Assessment Week

No description

수지 김

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Conclusion Prezi of Assessment Week

Assessment Week in Prezi made by Suji Kim My assignment is 1.
Download Prezi xml file
from server to Prezi Android viewer
using prezi ID

Load downloaded xml file
on Prezi Android viewer

Download media file in Prezi xml file
to somewhere else in SD Card

Load media file in Prezi Android viewer If I join Prezi, Challenge to Hungarian syrup in bistro
Go to drink with HP when he is free
Go to Buda Hills with my Guitar If I were the CEO of Prezi, As an user of Prezi
I suggest to Prezi 1.
Support Version control of Prezi

Support printing PDF directly

Support text color change
without selection

Making real 3D Prezi If you hesitate to hire me,
Don't hire me! Quitting my job 3/1
Arrival in Budapest 3/3
Developing 3/4
Developing 3/5
Developing 3/6
Developing 3/7
Making a conclusion prezi 3/8
Budapest Tour! Wow! 3/9
Departure from Budapest 3/10
Arrival in Seoul, Jetlag again 3/11 Move company to Tahiti Honestly Speaking, there were some troubles during Assessment week.
Confusion between Macs Macbook air
which I use always Macbook pro
which prezi gave Opposite Trackpad Short Shift This is the Prezi ID Anyway I like Budapest becasue.. Alcohol is cheaper
than Seoul! 5.
Release Android viewer soon with me But I hope to
See you again Prezi Suji Kim 1. Prezi Android Viewer
2. Prezi ID from Prezi Web which doesn't
have any connections with server
display image in prezi Prezi Android Viewer
1. Showing Prezi file from the web
2. Rendering an Image file JEGLAG Too much Jetlag
to show myself to Prezi T.T Watch at home If you want
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