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Lessons & dangers

No description

Ian Argall

on 31 May 2010

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Transcript of Lessons & dangers

Lessons & dangers from the bargaining round NTEU strategy University of Canberra Deakin University 30 June 2012 Productivity initiatives Efficiency & flexibility University agendas Pressure Going directly to staff Industrial action Quality control "Expiry date of agreement – both the management team and the CPSU want an expiry date of June 2013. We are pushing for June 2012, in line with most other universities in the country so a major fight looms here. At stake is the collective bargaining power in the next round." Active Reactive Remedial
Heads of agreement Commitments to finalisation KPIs Have a strategy
Have a policy & apply it
Promulgate it in advance
Prepare for industrial action
Use the law

What are the consequences? administrative payments straw polls - what is the question? non-union agreements Is any agreement better than no agreement? Communications How important is this anyway? Senior staff time 40/40/20 "... after such an extended period of bargaining the parties now need to commit to a process to finalise negotiations as soon as possible".
"The average salary for a full-time faculty member was only 1.2 percent higher in 2009–10 than in the previous academic year" 2 years on Undoing the HEWRRs Uncertainties for universities
Bradley New govt and legislation UK - 2009 0.5%
2010 offer 0.4%

2009 3.93%
2010 3.88%
Change processes Workloads Who decides what academics do? Flexibility clauses "Teaching focused roles" More teaching for non-research active staff Trimesters Changes to academic classification structures ANU UWA Redundancies Disputes over disputes processes Threatened & real industrial action Allow sufficient time for vetting agreements
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