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Copy of Subtracting Integers

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karlene browno

on 24 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Subtracting Integers

The journey begins.... Subtracting Integers An integer is a whole number and its opposite. The opposite of a whole number is the negative of that number..( 5, -5) What are integers? Can't you just work the algorithm? Vocabulary is Key Minuend: the first number in a subtraction problem. It is usually largest number.
Subtrahend: is the second number in the subtraction problem.
The Difference: is the answer to the subtraction problem
An algorithm is what you need to do to get the answer.
It's the rule you apply. Up. Down. Left. Right.
Subtrahend. Minuend.? An algor..what? But wait! Does this include zero? Yes, zero is also an integer. Take Away Model
caveat: this model does not work in all cases
It only works when the minuend is larger than the subtrahend and both numbers have the same sign.
-7 - (-5) = -2
+5 - (+2)= +3 Comparison Model
uses a number line
start with the subtrahend which is the second number in a subtraction problem -7 - -5 = -2
put the second number in parenthesis -7 - (-5) this is the direction you move on the number line
start at -7 and move to the right ending up at -2 Working the Algorithm
Keep the sign of the minuend
Flip the operation sign
change the sign of the subtrahend
-5 -(-2) -5 + (+2)=-3
-9-(6) -9 + (-6)=-15
aka the KFC Method Working with Integer Chips
Each side of the chip is a different color. Zero Pairs cancel each other out and equal zero -2 ans. USING ZERO PAIRS
-4 -(+6)= -10 positive chip negative chip Zero Pair -7 - (-5)= -2 Practice using these strategies and you'll discover a pearl of understanding which will help as you swim in deeper levels of math. k.browno This doesn't have to be you!
First things first.... Next........ O.k. now let's look at some strategies
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