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Taylor Swift

No description

Soeun Park

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift(2006)
Taylor Alison Swift
Interesting Facts

1)Taylor Swift writes 15 on her hand in every concert.

2)Taylor Swift was almost blind. She had a eyes operation and now has to wear contact lenses..

3)Audrey in the movie, Lorax is the voice of Taylor.

4)Taylor's first job had something to do with bugs. Her family owned a Christmas tree farm and she couldn't do anything else than scraping off the bugs.

5)She writes on her journal everyday.

6)She wrote a book with 360 pages when she was 12.

7)Taylor's brother, Austin is a photographer.

8)She made 2 perfums, Wonderstruck and Enchanted
Fearless( 2008)
Taylor Swift was born on 13th of December 1989 in Wyomissing, Pensylvania, America. In the early years she spent time in her family's Christmas tree Farm. Her grandmother was a professional opera singer, and Taylor also decided to do music.
The performance at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville helped Taylor to contract with Scott Borchetta.Her first song, Tim Mc Graw was out in 2006. The song was really famous. And it was in the chart of CountryTop 10 Hits. She wrote more songsand she and her songs got famous like now.
Abigail Anderson
She and Taylor met each other in English class when they were 15. Abigail became Kansas on a swimming scholarship.
Emma Stone
Taylor met Emma Stone in Young Hollywood Awards in 2008. emma says she loves Taylor's songs.
Selena Gomez
Met in Johnas Brothers concert behind im Johnas brothers concert behind the scenes 5 years ago.
Speak Now( 2010 )
Red( 2012 )
Es cam aus an den 2. Oktober 2012.
Die song war bei die Nummer 6 im die Billboard Hot 100 und war de Nummer 2 im die Hot Digital Songs Tabelle.

Es cam aus an den 12. März 2013.
Die Texte sind über der frohen 22.
Es erreicht bei 20 auf der Billboard Hot 100.
by Rebekah,
and Eleonor
-Tim Mc Graw
-Picture to Burn
-Teardrops on my Guitar
-Our Song
-A Place in this World
-Mary's Song
total 11 Songs
-Forever and Always
-White Horse
-Love Story
-You Belong with me
-total 13 Songs
Danke Frau Hau für deine hilfen
by Libby, Eleonor, and Rekah

total 17 Songs
-Speak Now
-Back to December
-Sparks Fly
-The Story of Us
total 20 Songs
-I knew you were trouble
-We are Never Ever Getting Back Together
-Begin Again
Thanks for watching!
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