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Japan Health care

No description

jacob winchester

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Japan Health care

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Costs The price of the medications in Japan are set by the National Health Insurance price list. The cost for the visits and other things are set nationwide by the medical fee table. Japan has Universal health care coverage. Types of Health Care Japan Health Care Types of Insurance The citizens are required to either be under Employees' Health Insurance or the National Health Insurance. You are required to apply for the National Health Insurance if you are going to stay in Japan for more than a year. You only get Employees' Insurance if you are working for the Government or in a large business and private schools. Monthly Costs They don't pay for it through taxes. The employer either pays for it or the people pay for it. The Government only pays for the poor.The monthly cost depends on the salary of the person receiving the insurance. Pros and cons of Japan healthcare - Cheap
- Everyone is covered
- Short doctor visits
- No waiting lists
- Fixed prices
- 50% of hospitals are in financial deficit
- Doctors and Hospitals don't make very much money
- Doctors don't get a lot of training after medical school
- long hospital stays Pros Cons Doctors The doctors go to medical school and are licensed for life. They do not have to have any renewal of license and have no peer reviews. Doctors do not have to continue any training once they are out of medical school. History In 1927 the healthcare system was established. The Government make sure that everybody is covered and pays for the poor. The healthcare system has not change in Japan since it was established. Attitude The citizens like the way the healthcare system works. The doctors think it works but many of them have financial difficulties. The Government thinks the healthcare system works well but thinks the prices are set to low.
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