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Suicide in ancient Rome

No description

Macy Lennartz

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Suicide in ancient Rome

Views on suicide in ancient Rome. Suicide in ancient Rome was very common,
and overall accepted. Three main reasons for this were:
Repercussions after death
Fame To the Roman nobility, honor and courage were of utmost importance. Of all the way to die, death by execution was the most disgraceful which led many Romans to commit suicide. The Romans believed that once one's honor was gone there was nothing else left to live for. In ancient Rome, a Roman's honor and reputation were always followed by repercussions after death. When one's life had been tarnished with a shameful, or embarrassing act, suicide represented a way of rectifying the error. The fact that famous people committed suicide on the regular also added to the suicidal deaths in Rome.
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