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Stomp The Yard

Prezi for Ms. Priester

Joseph Bakhit

on 30 June 2011

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Transcript of Stomp The Yard

Stomp The Yard Main Characters Subordinate Characters Setting Conflict Rising Action Complications Falling Action Major Climax Denouement DJ April Rich Brown Grant Uncle Nathan Aunt Jackie Sylvester Zeke Noel, Duron Williams DJ, his brother, and his crew were at a dance battle and at the end they were jumped and Duron was killed. Goergia, and mainly in an University in Atlanta. Internal Conflict Flashback DJ moves with his Uncle and Aunt. He hates it the first day he moved. DJ blames himself and will never forgive himself for the loss of his younger brother. DJ continues his dance career and joins his school's step team. he greatly advances and is starting to help teach the team. He is also trying to balance out education and his beautiful girlfriend. DJ's background caught up to him and he was suspended from his school. The instructor had the right to overule this call, as far as being on the dance team, but doesn't let him until the final round in the National Stepping Competetion. DJ entered in the last round and they ended up tying with the Gammas.Then they had to face-off one on one. After copying all of DJ's moves, the Thetas decided to pull a routine out of their sleeve. They ended up winning and April, DJ'S girlfriend, ran up to him and kissed him. The prize is given to the Thetas and a picture is taken. The picture is then placed in the Heritage Hall. DJ believes that his little brother's death was his fault. Although it is a conflict it is also a motivation. When Duron died DJ had a flashback of all the fun times they had together. Although the flashback was fun the actual event was drastic, and this flashback helped expressed that. By: Joseph B & July P.
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