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Need New MK Customers?

No description

Sandy Goyer

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Need New MK Customers?

0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c TEXT for HELP! FRiENds
in your phone that you think will help you out! What to Text.... Go To My Laptop Create New E-mail Go to GOOGLE
Choose 1-2, choose wisely!
DO NOT USE THIS during the hours of 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

As the saying goes:
Don't FACEBOOK until You BOOK A FACE!! :) FREE GIFT CERTIFICATE & FREE MAKEOVER! Fill this out & Place in the bag for your
FREE Entry!! Name: _____________________________________
phone: _____________________________________
City: ______________________________________
e-mail: ____________________________________ What to say when handing
out my business card: ALWAYS SMILE Facial Box Idea! Contact local small businesses
ASK to speak to the manager
Give her a compliment about the store and tell her why you love it!
ask if they had ever been contacted by a MK Beauty Consultant
If so, ask if they are still servicing this store.
If not, ask if they would be willing to Network with YOU!
Ultimately you are going to set up a bag offering free gift certificate to the store AND A FREE MAKE-OVER

Remember: EVERYONE is a WINNER! Choose one Friendly, Out-going, Fun Woman to be your GRAND prize winner to receive the Store Gift Certificate and the Makeover! Everyone else will get the FREE Makeover & a Mary Kay Gift Certificate! (Start with something that works for your budget! $10 maybe?! BOOK her for the FACIAL and try to work that appointment into a Party! Offer a Bigger Amount or your regular Hostess Program to her so she knows it will be worth her while! Women LIKE FREE - Don't YOU? :) I've contacted my family and friends - where can I find new FRIENDS? Who is here that is SHARP &
I haven't given your
business card to yet? E-mail Everyone I know:
- Friends
- Family
- Co-Workers
- Past Co-Workers
- All Current Customers
- Christmas Card Lists
- ANYONE you have an e-mail address for!

Pay for REFERRALS With Product! ERRANDS Bank
Dry Cleaners
Corner Store
Pet Store/Groomer
Dentist Office
Doctor's Office
Vision Centers
the Mall
Drug store
Grocery Store
Department Store
Hardware Store

Don't for get the places you stop for lunch, coffee & dinner! Where else do you need to stop? "Hello - This is for you!" "Excuse me, I couldn't help but
notice (insert a sincere compl-
iment) your beautiful Shoes!" "Excuse me has anyone ever
asked you to be a face model?" or or
There's a million of them out there
choose your favorite. Social Media Sites: Small Business &
Networking Groups Chamber of Commerce
Small Business Assoc.
Meet Up
Professional Women's Grops
Just to name a FEW Volunteer Opportunities Contacting a place to volunteer will give you the opportunity to meet professional women - regardless of the organization. small businesses in your area or where you'd like to do business. Look for places women like to spend time and money! Hair Salons
Tanning Salons
Nail Salons
Clothing Boutiques
Jewelery Stores
Stationery Stores Why? Facial Boxes!!! :) Best way to reach me? (circle one)
Call Text E-mail Create a script saying all new referrals will be put into a weekly or monthly drawing! Don't be afraid to order product to "give away", it's tax deductible and will be worth it in the end with all the new leads you will get. Great "give away" items are: Satin Hands Pampering Sets, or put together a little basket of small glamour items - bring it with you to Show! :) Remember, Make everything PRETTY!! I'm interested in: (circle one)
Skin Care Make-Up Perfumes
Making extra $$ Body/Sun Care ENTER TO WIN!! Remember:
Make it
PRETTY!! Kathy: 555-4286
Party - 3 guests
confirmed - 3
outside orders Pamela: 555-9847
Facial - 2 outside
orders Cindy: 555-3190
5 guests confirmed
1 outside order Debbie: 555-6472

4 Outside orders! All outside orders counts as a new customer!

Even if you haven't met her yet - treat her as if she was your BEST customer!

You never know, she just might turn out to be! GET REFERRAL BAGS READY
for the WEEK! GET WARM
FOR THE WEEK! A couple more ideas: Go To YOUR CELL! 1st text:
"Hi - Can you help me with something?"
(of course they will text you back asking what you need)
2nd text:
"When can I give you a call to discuss it?" ALWAYS follow up with her & ASK her for an appointment and/or for REFERRALS!! Keep a pen handy and with this style business card it's easy to just say:
"Hey, I know you are busy, but can you just jot down your name and number and I can call you later! What's the best time I can reach you?" Start with the Women
You already have booked!
Suggest they over invite to get a
decent group! Ask the Hostess if she can share your website with those quests who can't make it & ask for their names and numbers!
When you get a hold of the new person, ask if she has any issues about her skin she would like to discuss either in person or over the phone. If there is something, Offer a "special" introductory offer on that Skin care product you think might help!
Try to instantly build a relationship with her! That's the goal! When Friends don't have time to meet with you, Hand them a Baggie & Ask them to help with Referrals! Each Baggie (or folder)
Should Contain:
Look Books/Beauty Books
10 Simply Customer Serveys
Business Cards
Sales Tickets
A Pen with a Pretty Curly Ribbon to make it easy to find
A Picture or Poster of the "Prize of the Week/Month"! Give each a Friend 2-3 Days to have them take this bag to work or ask for friend over the weekend. BE SURE TO TELL GIVE HER A DEADLINE - most women work well under pressure and will get it done by the time you say you will be back to pick it up!

AND be sure to offer her a FREE PRODUCT GIFT & have it for her either when you drop the baggie off or when you go back to pick it up! Make it PRETTY!!!
Flea Markets
Local Craft Fairs
Other Community Events
Often times events are looking for
vendors. This is a GREAT, inexpensive way to get your name out into your community! Vendor Opportunities Search for: Referral Bags (or Folders) !!!! just a couple is fine AND Don't FORGET... ...ALWAYS FOLLOW UP! Your PAST Customers - even if it's been a while
they can always be helpful!
I don't throw away names until I get a "No" from them - Otherwise, they are always in a file to refer to LATER! Remember, things change for them just as things, life, circumstances change for YOU! Maybe it's - LATER! Finally... REMEMBER YOUR MISSION! Your mission is to "Enhance Women's Lives" & make each woman feel important!

You do that by getting to know them -
ASK questions about HER!
This is NOT about YOU or your SALES!

But if you follow these steps to finding new FRIENDS - Everything you desire from this business will Follow! :)
Dr's Offices
Dentist's Offices
Mom & Pop Stores
Heat/Oil/AC offices
Nursery Schools/
Day Care Centers
small Offices: Job Fair Opportunties Call Small Offices Ask to speak to an Office Manager as you are working on a special for the staff -
Proceed to ask Manager if you can hold an
EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION Session before or after store hours OR during the lunch hour! Completely FREE - Offer a FREE Raffle for all that attend!
I heard from a top
Sales Director that she
puts all of her customers
in her contact list!
This keeps them handy
for quick "Sales Promotions
& Follow up Calls or for
when you might need
that NEW Customer!

Just a thought! :)
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