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Ritchel Pescador

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of EXECUTIVE ORDER NO.356


Section 2 of R.A 9155
The Governance of Basic Education Act of 2001
"to protect and promote the rights of all citizens to quality basic education and such education accessible to all by providing all Filipino children in the elementary level and free education in the highschool level. Such education shall also include alternative learning system for out-of-school youth and adult learners"
Section 12.1 Rules XII of R.A. 9155
"the Alternative learning system is a parallel learning system to provide a viable alternative to the existing formal education instruction,encompassing both the nonformal & informal source of knowledge and skills."
the DepEd, through the Bureau of Non-formal Education is mandated to ensure that all learning needs of marginalized learners are adressed.
Section 1
The Bureau of Non-formal Education is hereby renamed to Bureau of Alternative Learning System.
What could be the reason behind the renaming of the bureau of non-formal Education to Bureau of Alternative Learning System?

one of the most important initiatives in non-formal education in the Philippines in the last 10 years is the ALS which is a major component of basic education w/ a clearly defined role within the overall educational goals.
the ALS will respond to the need of a more systematic and flexible approach in reaching to all types of learners outside the school system.
Section 2
a.) Address the learning needs of the marginalized groups of the population including the deprived,depressed & undeserved citizens.
b.) coordinate w/ various agencies for skills development to enhance and ensure continuing employability ,efficiency.productivity,& competitiveness in the labor market.
c.) Ensure the expansion of access to educational opportunities for citizens of different interests,capabilities,demographic characteristics & socio-economic origins and status.
d.) Promote certification & accreditation of Alternative Learning Programs both formal and informal in nature for basic education.
Section 3
Funds necessary to carry out the provisions of this executive order shall be taken from the present funds available in the DepEd & shall thereafter be included in General Appropriations Act.
Section 4
All orders , issuances, rules and regulations , or parts thereof inconsistent w/ this executive order are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.
Section 5
This executive order shall take effect 15 days after its publication in the official Gazette.
What are its functions?
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