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Writing the Essay (page 93-101)

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Kyla Haime

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of Writing the Essay (page 93-101)

The Sentence
always has a subject,a verb and expresses a complete thought.
The Essay
An essay also has three main parts:
The Paragraph
has three main parts:
1.a topic sentence that introduces the subject of a paragraph
2.The body that contains details to support the topic sentence
3. A concluding sentence that ends the paragraph
Writing the Essay (page 93-101)
Exploring the Essay
is a series of paragraphs that supports one central idea. An essay is divided into three parts: an introduction,a body, and a conclusion.
Explore Topics
When you are planning the essay,consider your topic,audience,and purpose.
1. An
engages the reader's interest and contains the thesis statement
Body paragraphs
support the thesis statement of an essay.
3. A
reemphasizes the thesis statement. it brings the essay to a satisfactory close.
-whom or what you are writing about
- your intended readers
-your reason or writing
The Thesis Statement
The thesis statement
introduces what the essay is about and arouses the interest of the reader by making a point about the topic.
Characteristics of a good thesis sentence:
It expresses the main topic of the essay
It contains a controlling idea
It is a complete sentence that appears in an essay's introduction
When you develop your thesis statement,ask yourself the following questions.
1. is my thesis statement a complete statement that has a controlling idea?
Incomplete: Campus drinking
Announcement: I will write about campus drinking
Thesis Statement: Binge drinking is a serious problem on college campuses
2. Does my thesis statement make a valid and supportable point?
Vague: politicians spend too much money.
Invalid point: politicians are liars
Thesis Statement: Our mayor has been involved in three serious spending scandals.
The Supporting Ideas
Every idea in the essay always supports the thesis statement.
*Look at page 101 for discussion of the essay plan
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