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Napoleon Bonaparte

No description

Saadia Hussain

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte
Rise to Power
Napoleon in Charge
Napoleonic Wars
Exiled to
Eventually escaped and returned to France
Series of wars during which Napoleon conquered most of Europe
France sucks!
Fine. You can't trade with us.
Continental System - Britain was not allowed to trade with any country part of or friends of the French Empire
Ended up hurting the French because they were not getting the cheap goods Britain could supply
I will defeat everyone and take over the world!
Born in
Joined the French Revolution and rose to the position of General
Overthrew the government of France after the Reign of Terror (1799)
Became first Consul (naming himself after the Roman Empire government) (1802)
1804 - named himself emperor of France making France a monarchy again
Napoleonic Code
Got rid of hereditary privileges
Freedom of religion
Established a judicial system
Officially got rid of feudalism
Established the Bank of France
Other European countries hated France because they did not want France's ideas started new revolutions.
Britain, Austria, Prussia, and Russia declared war on Napoleon in 1803
French army was completely destroyed = Napoleon getting defeated
in 1814
Renamed himself emperor and raised an army to take over Europe again
Napoleon and European countries fight at the Battle of Waterloo. Napoleon defeated a second time (official)
Exiled to St. Helena an island off the coast of Africa where he lived until he died
Impact of Napoleon
France: stabilized after revolution
Europe: Created nationalism
(Nationalism - idea the ethic groups have the right to have their own country)
World: Helped start the Latin American revolutions by weakening European mother countries
France sucks!
Show Me!
In your journal, write what you think is the most important thing about Napoleon.

Hold it up when you are done.

Write big so I can read it!
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