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The Black Death in the Middle Ages

Causes and Symptoms

Stephanie Alfaro-Johnson

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of The Black Death in the Middle Ages

How did the disease reach Europe? -In October of 1347, 12 Genoese trading ships put into harbor at Messina in Sicily.
-The ships had come from the Black Sea where they had trading posts.
-The ships contained a strange cargo: dead or dying sailors showed strange black swellings about the size of an egg located in their groins and arm pits. These swellings oozed blood and pus.
-Those who suffered did so with extreme pain and were usually dead with a few days.
-The victims coughed and sweat heavily. Everything that issued from their body--- sweat, blood, breath, urine and excrement--- smelled horrid.
-Other unknown passengers were suffering too--- black rats that were infested with fleas. The Famine of 1315 -By 1300 Europeans were farming almost all the land they could cultivate.
-A population crisis developed.
-Climate changes in Europe produced three years of crop failures between 1315-17 because of excessive rain.
-As many as 15% of the peasants in some English villages died.
-One consequence of starvation & poverty was susceptibility to disease. The Culprits Symptoms: How the Black Death was spread- Now your turn to Investigate- You will be given information sheets. Each discussing different topics of this disease that took 25 million lives during the Middle Ages.
Each group will make an informational poster answering a question.
- Group One: How did people avoid the plague?
- Group Two: What were the 2 types of plagues that were killing people?
- Group Three: Who was Guy de Chauliac?
- Group Four: How did a doctor dress to avoid the plague?
- Group Five: What is a Flagellant?
- Group Six: What was London like before and after the plague?
-Group Seven: Why were Jews blamed for the Black Death?
- Group Eight: What changes were brought about because of the Black Death? The Oriental Rat Flea The Black Death of the Middle Ages and the
Black Rat What does it look like?
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