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Unit 3 Final Project

Deconstructing a cultural artifact

Emily Zumstein

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Unit 3 Final Project

PSA UK Texting and Driving Ad:
Deconstructed Consumerism: Packaging: Rhetrickery: Basic Elements:
Unsuspecting Teen
Unecissary Text Messaging by the driver
Highly Violent Car Crash Head On
Secondary Hit on the Passenger Side
The Drivers Two Friends Die
An Infant and a Toddler Left without Parents
It Begins Before the Video
The film... as if it had the authority and knows you
The number of views suggest that a moderate amount of the entended audience has seen this clip
Creates an image of being trustworthy because it is for Educational Purposes
Warning about it being banned for vilence also aids in the packaging of this video: Shock Factor

Teenage girls are all attactive blondes. This creates
the conflict between the "ideal image" and these
girls representing every teenager. The statement in the discription about this stopping
all teens from texting and driving implies that all teens
can drive and have the ability to text message. Having a
car and cell phone are shown as both common and cool This video also includes
the image of two young
children who were in a
car that was hit with their
parents.This is unnecisary
to the story but ads an
emotional appeal to
the packaging. Rhetoric of Fear to persuade audience
Too much to watch?
Possible desensitizing of vewiers
Music begins happy
Pauses for the crash
Hear a neck break
Dramatic and low with a slight build towards the end.
Sound of deap grief
Child wanting parents to wake up.
Use of Images
View through Bloody glass
Variety of shots like helicopter views
Shot including the sign: ironic Manipulation. Good or Bad in this Case?
Rightfully banned?
Would you show this to others?
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