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LLED 350: Volleyball Literacy Autobiography

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on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of LLED 350: Volleyball Literacy Autobiography

LLED 350: Volleyball Literacy Autobiography
Definitions of Literacy
My Definition of Literacy
To me, literacy is having an in depth understanding of a particular subject or field. Literacy is not only limited to reading and writing, but it encompasses an individual’s repertoire of knowledge that allows them to effectively express any given skill, activity, etc.
How does Volleyball fit into my definition of literacy?
I have an in depth understanding of the sport
My repertoire of knowledge helps me perform this skill effectively
What does it mean to be "literate" in volleyball?
having the physical skill set in order to successfully play the game
Example: bump, set, spike
having sufficient knowledge of the rules of play
having the ability to efficiently work with others
A Few Terms to Know
in Volleyball
• the ability to read and write

• knowledge that relates to a specified subject
“Literacy is the ability to read and write one's own name and further for knowledge and interest, write coherently, and think critically about the written word.”
ABC Life Literacy Canada
Literacy is defined as "the ability to understand and employ printed information in daily activities at home, at work and in the community - to achieve one's goals, and to develop one's knowledge and potential."
My Literacy
Bump, Set, Spike
Court Positions -
1 to 6
My Steps to Achieve Volleyball Literacy
First exposed to volleyball in Grade 3 by my PE teacher / school volleyball coach
Taught the fundamentals (bump, set, spike, serve) and rules
Practiced frequently and exposed to plenty of game play through school and club volleyball
Attended many clinics and camps
Coached at the high school level
Continue to play on a weekly basis in various leagues throughout the year
What is this group or community called?
Individually, we're
volleyball players
but as group, we're a
volleyball team
What makes me a member of this community?
Overall, being literate in the subject and showing my knowledge through playing and coaching volleyball has made me a member of the community.
Thank you!
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