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Corrie Van Der Bijl

No description

Maeg Flood

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Corrie Van Der Bijl

Holland in the 1920's was in the midst of World War II and the Great Depression of the Netherlands. German soldiers were posted on the streets everywhere.
Corrie Van Dam was born in the Netherlands to Mr. and Mrs. Van Dam (names not mentioned) on March 31, sometime in the 1920's. She worked at the Ringer's Chocolate Factory in 1952. Her dream was to become a nurse due to her passion for helping people.
Alkmaar, Holland
After five years of not seeing Brother Andrew, Corrie and her family moved to Alkmaar, a town in Holland not far from where Andrew and his family lived.
Corrie began her studies to become a nurse.
Brother Andrew had prayed to God for a wife, and God led him to the Van Dams' house just as Mr. Van Dam grew terribly ill.

Reunion with Andrew
Visiting Corrie
Andrew visited the Van Dams twice a week, spending as much time with Corrie as possible. On the day he decided to ask Corrie to marry him, Mr. Van Dam died.

Three weeks later, Andrew asked her to marry him. She replied by telling him when he returned from his trip to Hungary, she would decide.

After his trip, Corrie was surprised by Andrew outside of the hospital where she worked, asking for her answer.....

She said yes.
Meeting Brother Andrew
Corrie met Brother Andrew while working at the chocolate factory. She shared her strong faith with him and together they brought God to the Ringer's chocolate factory work area. Many of the women who worked there completely transformed to have a faith in God because of Corrie and Andrew.
192?- present
Corrie Van Der Bijl
Married Missionary Life
Being a missionary wife is not easy. Corrie and Andrew lived in a small room above the garden shed along with a LOT of clothes. Brother Andrew had previously sent out a news article requesting clothes for the German refugees in need, and Corrie was assigned the task of cleaning the clothes. It was not an easy task. Fleas infested the Van der Bijl room and finally they decided to deliver the clothes to the refugee camps in West Berlin.
Corrie and Brother Andrew's Travels
In West Berlin, Corrie put her nurse skills to good use. She was overwhelmed with many people in need of her help. She gave classes and started programs for good health and hygiene within the refugee camps.
When Brother Andrew saw how sick and exhausted she was, they set off in their blue Volkswagen back to Holland.
The Start of a Family... Awwww
The reason Corrie felt so ill during her stay in West Germany, was due to the fact that she was pregnant with her first child. This would be one out of five, two girls and three boys. "Joppie" arrived on June 4th, 1959.
Soonafter, the saddest thing happened...his blue Volkswagen died.
Corrie's Role In Bible Smuggling...
Corrie stayed in Holland for a large part of Brother Andrew's travels; however, they discovered that a married couple can smuggle Bibles easier than a single person.
Corrie was a large part in supporting Andrew in his travels and helping during hard times. It was Corrie who would say "Try prayer," and "Look to God for help."
Corrie was incredibly supportive and patient with Brother Andrew considering the hardships of having a missionary family.
Additional Facts About Corrie and Brother Andrew:
Brother Andrew, upon visiting the United States, wrote
God's Smuggler
and immediately had a best seller, selling over 10 million copies in 35 languages.

As far as resources can tell, Brother Andrew and Corrie are still alive and doing mission work all over the world.

After his work behind the Iron Curtain, communism wasn't as common, so Brother Andrew began work in the Middle East.

Fun Fact: There are zero pictures of Corrie Van Der Bijl on the internet, and only a select few of Brother Andrew (four pictured below)
Books By Brother Andrew:
God's Smuggler (1967) by Andrew Van Der Bijl, John and Elizabeth Sherril.

Light Force (199?) by Andrew Van Der Bijl

Secret Believers (July 1, 2007)

And Many others...
Heather Den Hollander (over internet messaging), mutual friend of Brother Andrew and prior Bible smuggler.

God's Smuggler (1967) by Brother Andrew, John and Elizabeth Sherrill


www.opendoorsusa.org (Open Doors is a foundation created by Brother Andrew)

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