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paloma moran crespo

on 7 December 2016

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Transcript of ALCOY

The best places to visit

Alcoy has always been a most important industrial city, although in recent years the industry has declined giving way to the trade and services.The city is crossed by several rivers why it is known as the bridge’s city.
It is located about 562 meters above sea level in mountainous terrain. Alcoy is surrounded by various natural landscapes and mountains that jumps to 1400 meters. The vegetation has preserved important remains of the Mediterranean indigenous forest, mainly in “ la Font Roja, with specimens of oaks, yews and deciduous species.
Alcoy is at risk of desertification.
It limits with the municipal terms of Bañeres, Benifallim, Benilloba, Bocairente, Cocentaina, Ibi, Jijona, Onil, Penáguila and Torremanzanas.
Alcoy is improving his tourism sector, due in part to improved communications, expansion of hotel rooms and the improvement and expansion of Alcoy turística.
The famous tourist Moors and Christians of Alcoy declared of international tourist interest; The Kings Parade of Alcoy considered the oldest of Spain declared festival of national tourist interest; Natural Park Carrascal de la Font Roja; The Serra Mariola, the Municipal Natural Park of Raco de Sant Bonaventura-Canalons and its historical center.

Alcoy has a Mediterranean climate with some features of the Continental because of it's situation and height.The city is about at 500 metres the sea level and it's surroundings are more than 1300 metres .
On the one hand Alcoy has cold winters with 7.5ºC on average .In the last few years it doesn't rain a lot but on the coldest days in winter it sometimes snows.
On the other hand ,this city has really hot summers .The average temperature is 23.5ºC but some days in July and August it reaches more than 40º .Summer storms are also usual at the end of August.
La pericana : is a typical sauce kitchen Alcoy employing a mixture of olive oil and dried peppers plus a variety of salted fish called Chaplains eaten spread on toast or as a condiment and sometimes as a side dish of some dishes
La borreta: is a typical dish of the region of alcoy takes is a stew potatoes , spinach , peppers and salted fish is also common put down the egg cooking

Fun activities
Alcoy is a city and municipality located in the province of Alicante, Spain. The Serpis river crosses the municipal boundary of Alcoi. The local authority reported 66,417 residents in 2010.
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