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Molly Turk

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Molecular

Molecular Biology Technician
A molecular biology technician does a lot of things. Some include-
Clone genes
Sequence DNA
Purify proteins
Product antibodies
Average molecular biology technician makes $37,000 per year.

BUT... a SENIOR technician makes $93,403 per year! (dang...)
College degrees needed range from a Bachelor in Arts/Science to a Master of Science, PhD's are usually not considered for this position
Skills needed- (these vary)
experimental skills
verbal and written skills
1-2 years lab experience
must be able to perform- DNA cloning, large scale DNA preparation, PCR genotyping, flow cytometry, etc.

As I said earlier, these scientists clone DNA. There is moral, ethical, and even religious conflict with the idea that humans could create life from a source other than nature.

Fun Fact- Cloning is illegal in Germany.
NC in all this...
In NC some study centers, labs, schools etc. are looking for a technician like this to do further research. I found and add for a job at UNC.
Schools that offer degrees in this field-
Duke University
NC Chapel Hill
Wake Forest University
NC State University
Elon University
East Carolina University
High Point University
UNC Greensboro
Campbell University
Queens University of Charlotte
Molly Turk - 5th period

Pretty machine things...
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