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The Black Death Timeline

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Mia Markowicz

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of The Black Death Timeline

The Black Death Timeline
By Mia Markowicz 8.1 Term 2 2015
Many people believe that the Black Death began in North-Western China. in 1331 an out break erupted in the Yuan Empire. This killed 5 million people, about 90% of the population.
By Autumn 1347, the plague reached Alexandria in Egypt, probably through the ports trade with Constantinople and ports on the Black Sea.
The outbreak of the Black Death in England began in 1348-1349. By spring 1349, it was spreading fast in Wales and the Midlands and by late summer, it had made its way across the Irish Sea. The Scots raided Durham, England in 1349, catching
it in 1350.

Italian traders from Genoa were also infected and returned home in 1347, bringing the Black Death to Europe. It then spread fast to Germany and other European countries.
In 1351, the Black Death entered Poland. But not quite. Some of the Jews in Poland's cities were effected but it never really got to the whole country. Poland was more isolated from the rest of Europe that's why it never properly outbroke.
This plague finally spread to North Western Russia in 1352. The Black Death was somewhat less common in parts of Europe that had smaller trade relations with their neighbours for example, Poland.
The plague came back in 1360, effecting lots of lives.
The plague recurred again. Over this period of time, the plague was introduced into Europe multiple times.
1665 - 66
The Great Plague of London in 1665 was the last in a long series of plague epidemics that first began in London in June 1449. The Great Plague killed between 75,000 to 100,000 of London’s rapidly expanding population of about 460,000
The symptoms of the Black Death:
chills and fever
back pain/soreness in arms and legs
bleed eternally = resulting in black boils
Prevention for Black Death:
burn incense like juniper and rosemary to "infected" air.
people dunked their handkerchiefs in aromatic oils to cover nose and mouth.
church bells would be rung.
people sold charms and spells for protection.
sit between 2 large fires to kill the bacteria in the air.
blocked the sick people houses and separated healthy ones.
ships only came into harbor not ashore to make sure there were no plague out breaks aboard.
Treatment for Black Death
vinegar and water; washed in
cutting open the buboes
veins leading to heart should be cut open
only ate bread, fruit and vegetables
dead bodies would be burnt
pestilence medicine; should drink morning and night
witchcraft; place live hen on swelling and drink urine 2 times a day
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